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Do you own a business in Orange County, CA?  Why not invest in one of the best ways to promote your business, get more customers, and increase your market share in the city? With custom car wraps, you can do all of this just by driving around. Unlike other advertisement methods, car wraps do not need your attention, maintenance, or money beyond your initial investment. They’re effective and low maintenance. Learn more about auto wraps and why you should get one from VizComm Signs & Graphics. 

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Types of Car Wraps

Car wraps are all vinyl wraps, but there are different kinds of vinyl and different types of wraps. Here are the types that you need to know about:  

  • Full car wraps: These vinyl wraps cover the whole vehicle, regardless of its shape (except for the windows, of course.) They make the biggest impact.
  • Partial wraps: Partial wraps only cover some of the vehicle, usually the front half or back half. They are more affordable than full wraps and can still make a big impact.
  • Vehicle graphics: Graphics are small vinyl additions to a vehicle, maybe just letters or a small image. They make less of an impact, but they may be all that you need.
  • Transparent graphics: These graphics look great from the outside but are completely transparent when you’re in the vehicle. These can help you make use of big windows.

Car Wrap Uses

Businesses that use a vehicle wrap see an average of 107% increase in sales. Any business that can use this bump in sales and that has a car can benefit from a wrap. Here are just a few of the businesses in Orange County, CA, that can use these tools: 

  • Contractors of every stripe
  • Retail stores
  • Shipping and transport
  • Recreation companies
  • Event companies
  • Small businesses
  • Trade shows and events  
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Cleaning Auto Wraps

Some people hesitate to get car wraps because they worry that the vinyl scratches easily and is hard to clean. We use high-quality vinyl, so you can be sure that your wrap will last for years. Cleaning is simple; just use a soft sponge, soap, and water. 

Choose VizComm Signs & Graphics for Car Wraps in Orange County, CA

Vinyl car wraps are a great option for a business of any size or in almost any industry. Reach out to the experts at VizComm Signs & Graphics to talk about how a car wrap can benefit you or what kind of design is best.

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