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Are you looking for eye-catching marketing efforts that will boost your business? Do you want to make your office, building, or store more captivating and communicative to potential customers to clients?

Channel letters are an excellent addition to any business’s signage system in Santa Ana, CA. When you choose to work with VizComm, your business will benefit from receiving a top-notch customer experience and high-quality signage.

Channel Letters 101

To best understand why channel letters are the right signage choice for your business, it is best to start with what they are and the benefits that they offer. At VizComm, we believe in providing our clients with all the information necessary to set your marketing strategy up for success, which includes understanding why a signage decision is worthwhile.

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

These individually designed and produced letters are traditionally made from sheet metal, such as aluminum, or plastic, so that they don’t rust when exposed to harsh elements. Channel letters are internally lit, often with LEDs, which can be customized to your desired color or brightness. They are more often used as exterior signage but can also be used indoors.

Understanding the Various Types of Letter Signs

Each type of channel letter sign provides a distinct look, as the method of lighting drastically impacts how the sign solution is seen and from how far. The choice for a business located near a busy highway will be different from a business located in a strip mall. Browse the following to learn more about your options:

  • Face-Lit Channel Letters: These signs consist of a colored or clear acrylic face that light shines through. They are one of the easiest letter signs for business to see at night, offering increased visibility from near and far.
  • Backlit Channel Letters: Also known as reverse-lit or halo-lit channel letters, this signage solution involves the LEDs being attached to the back of the sign, which creates a halo effect around each letter. They offer a high end, professional appearance, and they are most effective from close distances.
  • Exposed Neon: While neon signage is not commonly made anymore, as LEDs are more environmentally friendly and long-lasting, they can be the right choice for certain businesses. Exposed neon is similar to face-lit letters, except the letter is filled with neon tubing and covered with a clear acrylic covering.

Finding Channel Letters “Near Me”

At VizComm, we strive to assist our clients in boosting their business by upgrading their marketing strategy through signage. We listen to your business needs, goals, and challenges to recommend tailored signage strategies that address them. If you’re looking to boost your visibility, we may recommend front-lit channel letters, whereas if you’re seeking a professional, elegant sign solution, reverse-lit channel letters may be our suggestion instead.

Our team of sign specialists are always ready to jump into action, design creative, impactful signs, and provide a positive customer experience. As a full-service signage company, we offer more than letter signs too!

Give us a call today to learn more about our product and service offerings or to book your free consultation. We’re excited to work with you!

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I engaged VizComm Signage Group on new branding for our headquarters. From the earliest days, I found them responsive, solution oriented and easy to work with. We took the project through permitting, fabrication of the exterior sign and finally installation in about 6 weeks time. That kind of work on signage this big is appreciated. The outcome was fantastic! We would highly recommend them.

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