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Signage is a key component of any business’s advertising strategy, yet there are countless signage options, which can make the decision of choosing the right one daunting. Each business has a unique approach to the market in Santa Ana, just as they have a unique brand that sets them apart. One of the most popular signage solutions that can cater to a wide array of needs is dimensional letters.

What Are Dimensional Letters?

As stated in the name, this type of signage consists of individuals letters made from a solid material, sch as aluminum, acrylic, or other kinds of metal, which creates a visual effect of depth of field to passersby. While signage is traditionally two-dimensional, this kind of signage is three-dimensional, which adds to their visual appeal and overall impact.

3D sign letters can be mounted on virtually any flat surface, regardless of whether it’s textured or flat. This versatility allows for a wide array of installation locations, both indoors and outdoors. They are also versatile in appearance, as they offer a high degree of customization.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Dimensional Signage

Unlike many types of signage, dimensional signage can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, allowing for various marketing approaches.

The following are excellent indoor signage solutions that can incorporate dimensional signage:

  • Lobby Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Office Door Signs
  • Name Plaques

Offer your business a competitive edge by integrating 3D signs into the following types of outdoor sign solutions:

  • Storefront Signs
  • Business Signs
  • Blade Signs
  • Metal Signs

Learn More About the Types of Dimensional Lettering

The location of installation, your brand elements, and the desired visibility are all key components that help to determine what kind of dimensional signage is the right fit for your business. Browse the following options to narrow your choices:

  • Routed PVC Letters: These three-dimensional signs can be custom painted to match existing décor, surrounding aesthetics, or brand colors.
  • Formed Plastic Letters: As they are made from a durable material, these letters can withstand exterior environments and harsh weather conditions. They are cost-effective, which can impact the visual appearance, but they are perfect for small businesses with minimal marketing budgets.
  • Flat Cut Acrylic Letters: If you’re looking for clean edges and crisp corners, this choice is the right one for your business. It offers style, quality, and durability for indoor and outdoor placements.
  • Metal Letters: Whether you choose brass, aluminum, bronze, or other options, these 3D sign letters are perfect for a professional, aesthetic marketing strategy.
  • Edge Lit Acrylic Letters: Combine form and function with this type of sign solution, as it allows focus on both details and illumination. Customize your signage to be visible and match your brand.

Finding Three-Dimensional Signage in Santa Ana

While there are likely many signage companies in Santa Ana that could provide adequate signage for your business, why settle when you can work with VizComm.

As a top-notch full-service signage partner, we deliver high-quality, creatively designed signage that caters to your exact design preferences and business needs. Our team of experienced and talented sign makers work closely with you from start to finish – design to installation – to ensure your needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Give us a call today to learn more about the dimensional signage we offer or to book your first, free consultation.

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