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Businesses in Santa Ana looking to make a noticeable impact in the community need to explore the possibilities of exterior signs. These products are effective advertising tools that turn businesses into local landmarks. Whether you need to expand your business’s presence or tap into a new customer base, signs from VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you achieve your professional goals.

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What Types of Exterior Signs Are Available?

VizComm Signs & Graphics provides the local Santa Ana community with a comprehensive selection of outdoor signs. Every sign we make meets our high standards of quality to withstand the elements and last for years. Some of our most requested exterior signs include:

  • Pylon Signs: For businesses located next to roads and highways, use pylon signs to capture the attention of drivers – even from far away. These signs are known for their towering height, making them impossible to miss and encouraging impulse purchases from anyone who sees them.
  • Monument Signs: Monument signs are ideal for both independent businesses or multi-tenant shopping centers. These signs have a sophisticated appearance that complements the surrounding landscape. They are typically placed next to roads to welcome guests or catch the eye of passersby.
  • Storefront Signs: From channel letters to cabinet signs, storefront signs are essential for any business looking to create a professional image. These signs are installed above the front entrance of a building to quickly identify your storefront and greet visitors.
  • Building Signs: These signs take the form of many popular signage options, such as dimensional or channel letters, but are installed directly on a building’s exterior. Our team will determine the best installation location for your sign to provide optimal visibility.
  • LED Signs: Harness the power of energy-efficient LED lights to spotlight your business. LED lights are a brilliant addition to any sign and provide businesses with 24-hour visibility. Discover our full selection of illumination options to ensure your business shines.

Why Are Exterior Signs for Businesses Necessary?

By partnering with a local sign company, businesses stand to gain more than an expertly crafted sign. At VizComm, we know signs can be a transformative investment that uncover new opportunities for companies. Here are a few reasons why outdoor signs are necessary:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Signs play a crucial role in creating awareness about your business. Did you know 35% of passersby wouldn’t know where your business is without a sign? Maximize your business opportunities with a prominent sign that identifies your location and communicates key business messages.
  • Assist with Wayfinding: Outdoor signs for businesses set a positive tone for every customer experience by ensuring visitors can easily find your location. Whether using one roadside sign or installing a wayfinding signage system, customers will appreciate a seamless journey that eliminates any stress while arriving at their destination.
  • Effective Advertising Solution: Despite the rise of online advertising and social media, signs are still one of the most impactful marketing solutions. With signs, targeting your local market and turning people’s interest in your business into action is easy. Exterior signs also provide round-the-clock promotion at an affordable price compared to other forms of advertising.

VizComm Is Your Trusted Source for Custom Outdoor Signs

Trust the team at VizComm Signs & Graphics to find the perfect exterior signage solution for your needs. During your consultation, we’ll take the time to understand your unique challenges and goals. Then, we’ll get to work manufacturing and installing a sign that’s guaranteed to elevate your business in Santa Ana.

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