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Have you ever found yourself lost and looking for directions on the subway, in an airport, on a university campus, or even inside a small building? When visiting your business, you want to make sure your visitors are as comfortable as possible navigating your commercial space. This can easily be accomplished by including wayfinding signs in hallways, stairways and entrances to ensure that new visitors are provided with a clear sense of direction of where they need to go.

What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Wayfinding signs relay directional cues to help people go from point A to point B easily. They offer important information that makes it easier for visitors, customers, and employees to navigate an unfamiliar space.

Wayfinding signage comes in a variety of types, materials, and designs, which allows you to select them based on your unique business and budget needs. Examples of these signs include dimensional letters, acrylic panels, and wall graphics.

If you’re looking to add wayfinding and directional signs to your business’s signage system, VizComm Signs & Graphics is here to help. Call us today to learn more and get a free consultation.

Types of Indoor and Outdoor Wayfinding Signage

There are several types of wayfinding signage that your business will need. Let’s explore them here:

  • Identification Signs: These are signs that act as a general landmark. They help customers identify a particular space, signifying that they’ve reached their desired location.
  • Directional Signs: As the name suggests, these signs offer directions to guide people to the right place. They use directional cues, like arrows or written instructions, to direct people to where they want to go.
  • Regulatory Signs: These signs are crucial to any business because they keep customers safe and secure inside your space. They display warning or cautionary information to keep unauthorized persons from entering a private or secure room or office.
  • Informational Signs: These signs provide people with the necessary information to guide them while visiting your space. Providing this type of information helps set their expectations, creating a more pleasant visit. An example is providing customers with your office hours. This sign clearly indicates when customers can visit, avoiding any frustrations of coming in while your business is closed.
Creative Wayfinding Signs for Dr. Squatch 
Creative Wayfinding Signs for Dr. Squatch 

The Benefits Of Wayfinding Signs

While the main function of wayfinding signage makes it necessary for a business, it offers more than just the provision of directions. Choosing the right signs and designs ensures that customers have a seamless experience with your business.

Here are additional ways these signs benefit their business:

  • Ensure visitors know that they’re in the right place.
  • Provide directions to get to a certain area or room within your building.
  • Communicating information such as what the purpose of a certain area or room is meant to be used for (ex: a meeting room, a service desk, etc.)
  • Increase safety for both clients and employees by communicating dangerous or unsafe areas.

Create Wayfinding Signage For Your Business With VizComm Signs & Graphics

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we create personalized wayfinding signs that direct your visitors and complement your other signage. We’ll expertly create interior signs that use your brand’s logo, colors, and font, and build them to suit your specifications and needs. In fact, we provide all types of signage to suit your business needs in Orange County, California.

Entrance wayfinding ADA signs by VizComm Signs & Graphics in Fountain Valley, CA
exit wayfinding sign for building

Identification With Wayfinding Signage

These signs are used for pointing out a service or feature that is of use to a visitor. This type of interior wayfinding signage displays things like the names of conference rooms outside the door, the entrance to a parking garage or the loading dock of an office building.

Communicate Information Through Wayfinding Signs

Informational wayfinding signs are generally used as the first step in a new environment to tell a customer where they are and what they will find. These signs can contain necessary information or give facts and history. Examples of this type of sign include standing signs, plaques or descriptions.

Easy to understand wayfinding signs for your business by VizComm in Fountain Valley, CA
illuminated wayfinding signs

Wayfinding Signs Provide Important Safety Information

Regulatory or warning signs let people know what they can and can’t do. Other types of regulatory signs, such as ADA/AODA signs, create a safe and accessible environment. Examples of this type of sign include wet floor signs, fire safety signs, stairwell signs and all other forms of signage that will mark a safety feature in a building are all extremely important.

Wayfinding Signs Can Show Visitors Where They Need To Go

Directional signs ensure that your visitors don’t lose their way when trying to navigate your space. These signs often take the form of maps of a facility and you can opt for only including main paths, to including all paths for very specific directions.

restroom wayfinding signs
Wayfinding Signage

Choosing the Right Wayfinding Signs for Your Business

Finding the right signs for your business always starts with your business goals. How do you want your wayfinding signage to you for you? This dictates the type of sign, design, and material you choose.

For instance, are you hoping these signs will reinforce your brand identity? Designing your signs to match your brand, while complying with rules and regulations, is then essential.

Always remember that the sign and design you choose may reflect on your brand, for both interior and exterior wayfinding signage. If you’re unsure where to start, feel free to reach out to our team today and get a free consultation.

Wayfinding Signage Companies You Can Trust

Create a positive experience for your customers! Let each visit to your business be more convenient and efficient with high-quality wayfinding signage.

VizComm Signs & Graphics offers a wide selection of sign options for your wayfinding needs. We design these signs to reinforce your brand identity. Let us know your specific signage needs and we’ll give you a free estimate.

Directional & Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding Signs FAQs

Wayfinding signs are any type of sign that gives instructions or directional cues. They serve as a guide so people can find their way around a space more easily.

These signs give point-to-point directions. They are helpful in any physical space, particularly in hospitals, schools, large office buildings, and other larger facilities.

Wayfinding signs are important since they provide key information that help create a more organized and comfortable space.

The absence of wayfinding signs can leave individuals feeling frustrated trying to find their way. With wayfinding signs, people know exactly where to go.

Examples of wayfinding signs include hanging signs, door signs, maps, and building directories.

These signs are used for identification, giving out directions, displaying information, and ensuring the safety of people within the space. Overall, they make sure that your space or building is well-organized, making each visit comfortable and efficient.

Signage is the physical tool that displays the necessary information for wayfinding. These can be acrylic signs, metal signs, hanging signs, or wall decals.

Wayfinding is the system that helps people navigate a particular space. It’s how individuals orient themselves with a space and how they can find their way around.

There are plenty of elements to consider when creating an effective wayfinding system for your space. You have to identify zones and spaces and logical pathways.

One important factor in a successful wayfinding system is signage. Wayfinding signs have to be visible from a distance, with clear information and directional cues.

Each person, whether a customer, visitor, or employee can benefit a lot from wayfinding signs. Without these signs, trying to find your way around can be an exasperating and time-consuming experience.

However, it is the first-time visitors and people who are unfamiliar with the space who will benefit the most from effective wayfinding signs.

There are different types of signs that can be used for wayfinding. It is important to choose signs that can be positioned in certain ways to increase visibility.

Here at VizComm Signs & Graphics, we recommend the use of the following signs for wayfinding: acrylic signs, dimensional signs, metal signs, door signs, wall graphics, vinyl signs, ceiling signs, floor graphics and more. Call us to discuss your particular needs.

Wayfinding signs need to follow certain design and size requirements to be effective. Only an experienced sign maker can help make sure your signs are done right.

Choose VizComm Signs & Graphics because of our experience and expertise in creating wayfinding signs. We also offer a wide range of sign options used for wayfinding.

In a public space, generally all wayfinding signs need to follow certain ADA requirements. Those requirements depend on what type of wayfinding sign it is.

For instance, wayfinding signs that identify a room or space need to follow specific designs like tactile letters and braille. However, others only need to follow basic design requirements.

The cost of wayfinding signs varies depending on several factors. The biggest factor is the type of sign you choose for wayfinding. This can also dictate the design and size of the sign you need.

Ask our sign experts today about the many sign options we offer for your wayfinding requirements.

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