Handyman Signage

Handyman services are essential wherever you are located. Whether it is for residential or commercial needs, people are always on the lookout for reliable contractors.

The high demand for these services has resulted in stiff competition in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and other cities. If you are a handyman offering various services in Orange County, it is important to find creative ways to get your name out there.

Handyman services signs are a great solution when you want to tell people about your offerings. Make sure people know who you are and where to reach you with high-quality signs from VizComm Signs & Graphics! We offer a variety of signs that will make people interested in your service offerings.

Eye-Catching Signs for Handyman Contractors

In any competitive industry, your business needs to stand out. Signs help get your business more visible, especially in your local market. These let people know you exist and you have services that they can take advantage of.

It is important to choose the right sign that will catch the attention of your potential customers. Aside from promoting your business, your signs can also tell customers that you are a professional and legitimate contractor.

Types of Handyman Signs

Here are easy and cost-effective ways you can attract customers in Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, and other areas of Orange County:

Handyman Yard Signs

Yard signs are the perfect choice when you want a quick and easy sign solution. Positioned on the ground, these easily get the attention of anyone driving or walking by.

Yard signs can also be customized. Include your business logo and your contact details to get more leads.

Handyman Van Signs

Van signs transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard through adhesive vinyl. This is a great way to extend your reach. It can advertise your business each time you go out doing service calls or errands.

Handyman van wraps are also easily customized. You can fill your entire van surface with your various services to get customers interested in your offerings.

Handyman Car Magnets

Car magnets are ideal when you want to add specific details to your vehicle to promote your business. These details can include your business logo or your contact information.

Magnetic signs for handyman contractors are great when you don’t want to commit to a vehicle wrap.

Effective Signage for Plumbers

Plumbing is a specific service that everyone needs. When you want people to choose your business, it is important to let them know your business is available.

Plumbers can take advantage of eye-catching signage to get more customers. Here are two of the most popular choices you can consider:

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