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Are you looking for a new, multi-disciplinary marketing tactic that can boost your business? Do you want to attract foot traffic, provide wayfinding assistance, and set your business apart from your competitors?

Monument signs are an exceptional way of accomplishing all these goals and more. While there are many signage solutions that businesses can choose from, monument signage is a unique choice for their wide array of benefits and customization abilities.

At VizComm, we provide high-quality sign solutions for businesses like yours in Santa Ana, CA. Our team of sign specialists aim to collaborate with our clients to craft designs that cater to your brand and help achieve your business goals. Give us a call today to get started.

Outdoor Monument Signs

You may be wondering, “what are monument signs and why should I invest in one?” These are excellent questions!

This type of signage is represented by freestanding signs that are fixed to the ground with a permanent, solid base. They often are installed at eye-level so that it is visible to both pedestrians and motorists. Information such as a business’s name, address, logo, slogan, and any necessary wayfinding information is commonly found on these signs.

Given their solidity, outdoor monument signs are a symbol of permanence, which indicates to potential customers that your business is reliable, trustworthy, and long-lasting. Whether your business is stand-alone or part of a multi-tenant building, these signs are the perfect way to identify it and guide customers or clients to your front doors.

While the investment in monument signage can be significant, it is worthwhile, as it provides an extensive list of benefits, such as:

  • Wayfinding: Prevent any feelings of frustration or confusion when it comes to your business by providing directional assistance. If your business is in a hard-to-reach or busy area, focus on the customer experience by displaying clear instructions. This will reduce the number of potential customers that end up at a competitor out of convenience.
  • Visibility: Not only do monument signs demand attention from passersby, but they also increase the visibility of your branding, as it is commonly included in your sign solution’s design. See an improvement in foot traffic and brand recognition with the right modern monument sign.
  • Customized Design: With a high degree of customization, this type of sign allows businesses to create their ideal sign. This includes choosing the message displayed, the materials used, brand elements included, additional lighting, and more. Bring your vision to life.
  • Curb Appeal: If your business is set back from the road, making it difficult for passersby to know your business is there, monument signs are the perfect solution. Not only do they identify that your business is nearby, but they also are eye-catching, meaning they will attract attention and drive foot traffic.

Designing Your Monument Sign: Details to Consider

While there are many common elements when designing a sign, such as color, graphics, and shape, there are others that should be considered as well. Our talented team of sign makers always urges business owners to think of the following details to boost the effectiveness of their monument sign:

  • Readability: To ensure the impact and effectiveness of your sign, make sure your design is easily readable at a glance. When a motorist or a pedestrian looks at your sign, you have approximately seven seconds of their attention; this must be enough time to read and understand your sign, so make it worth it!
  • Font Size: How far away do you want onlookers to be able to read your sign? The font size you choose will have a direct impact on this factor. Our sign specialists are ready to lend a helping hand.
  • Lighting: Want to make your sign more visible, especially at night? Adding lighting is the perfect way to draw attention to your sign and ensure it is visible at all hours of the day.
  • Materials: Stone, aluminum, and concrete are common materials used for this type of signage, as they are durable and long-lasting in outdoor conditions. Take into consideration the weather in Santa Ana, so you choose a material that will have a long lifespan.

Finding Monument Signs “Near Me”

While there are likely countless signage companies in the Santa Ana region that pop up when you search for “monument sign company near me”, there isn’t one like VizComm.

We are a full-service signage company that focuses not only on the design, production, and installation of high-quality, captivating signage, but also on providing the ideal customer experience. Our team strives to become your partners in success, which goes beyond signage. We want to see your business succeed, which is why our team becomes a part of yours when we work together.

If you’re ready to transform your marketing strategy with outdoor monument signs, give us a call to book your free consultation.

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