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Perhaps you have made a search for a “Neon Sign” or “Best Neon Sign.” Let us say that neon signs were the only option several years ago. But, now that signage products have evolved and a lot of options have come up, you have more high-quality signage choices for channel letters and neon signs in Costa Mesa.

That discovery is around LED signage. Yes, LED signs are here to stay. They are the most effective option to accomplish a similar look and feel with better advantages.

Flex neon is one of the products that is becoming more popular among property managers and small business owners in Costa Mesa. “Flex neon” has a neon look that costs less than a traditional neon sign. As LED’s power these signs, the energy consumption is significantly less, and LED’s are known to last longer than traditional neon signs. 

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What is a Neon Sign?

If you’re new to neon signs, these are the brightly coloured glass kind of indoor or outdoor signage that you see which is brightly lit to draw people.

It is a great way to attract attention and customers to your business. The brightly coloured velvet outside sign will help your business stand out. Most human beings are visual and by their nature, they like to see things and connect with them. While neon signs have been traditionally at the forefront when it comes to business advertising, the LED market is becoming popular and is growing steadily.

Neon is a noble gas that we can inject into glass tubes. It carries light through the tube, creating the lovely neon glow look you’re probably familiar with. Traditionalists love the look of neon, and in some sign types, it creates a unique outcome. You can still find many exit signs and open signs in traditional neon, with an orange or red glow. However, we can now make neon signs in many different colors with LEDs that look just like the real thing. There are several types of neon signs that you might be interested in.

You may still see a popular demand of neon signs and many sign companies in Costa Mesa sell LED sign products as neon signs. These products are entirely different in their composition. Let’s take a look at the key differences between LED a neon signs so you can be sure that you’re buying the right product.

The most important and obvious distinction between LED and neon sign is that neon lighting comes in her hand-crafted glass tube.

  •  Traditional neon signs: The light is primarily created from reactions within an hour gas that emits a fluorescent colour to release the energy. Neon tubes are beautifully crafted but they’re very fragile. There is a lot of risk of damage to the tube if it is not handled correctly. Essentially, as glass is “blown,” these elements can be expensive to create. Now, in case the tube does get damaged, the sign must have a safety option such as an open circuit protection so that the current will automatically stop flowing to prevent any high-risk situations and accidents. Because of this protective safety feature and their magnificent displays, neon sign products are by far the most popular among businesses of all sizes.
  • LED Flex Neon signs: These signs use LEDs and acrylic but are made to replicate the look of a neon sign. They are more energy-efficient and can be more cost-effective, durable, dimmable, and have a great number of options. This is why VizComm focuses on these LED signs in Costa Mesa. These are created using light emitting diodes (LEDs) which are strung closely together so that the light they emit overlaps and creates a steady source of light. LED signs are usually lighter and more protected than neon lights. This is because LEDs are often wrapped in their own polymer jacket to protect each diode from external damage.

VizComm offers flex neon signs (LED neon) that you can get in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the more popular options:

  • Neon wall art
  • Neon Lobby sign
  • Neon wall signs
  • Neon flex signs
  • Neon open and close signs
  • Neon door signs
  • Neon hanging signs
  • Neon storefront signs
  • Neon address signs
  • Neon bathroom signs
  • Neon light signs
  • And more!

Those are only some of your potential sign types. The team at VizComm Signs & Graphics can tell you if the sign type you need can be created as a flex neon sign.

Why Flex Neon Over Traditional?

“Flex” neon is an emerging new trend in signage that is beginning to take hold. Neon signs were once the standard method for illuminated signs. With the advent of LED technology, neon began to fade. Now, we are able to utilize acrylic with LED components and create unique and cost-effective signage that looks like neon.

With flex neon, we can create unique and memorable designs, in many colors, at various sizes and indoor/outdoor applications. We can also use a remote to turn the sign on/off, dim it, or make it blink. These are low voltage creations, so they last longer and don’t burn as much energy as neon signs with transformers. 

Uses of Neon Signs

There are many uses for neon signs, as you can see from the list of types of neon signs above. What special qualities and effects does neon bring to these signs? Neon can help you:

  • Feel old fashioned or vintage: If you want your brand to feel like a blast from the past, using a neon sign is a great way to create this feeling.
  • Reinforce your brand: Some places, like bars, convenience stores, and diners, are more associated with neon. If this is you, then you can communicate your brand better using neon.
  • Stand out: As traditional LED signs are now the most common sign type, using a flex neon light up sign can help you stand out from the competition.

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Need more of your questions answered, like the cost of neon signs or their upkeep needs? Reach out to your local neon sign company in Costa Mesa, VizComm Signs & Graphics, for flex neon signs that stand out. 

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