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Many businesses choose to attend corporate events to gain more recognition and qualified leads. These events are also a very good source for making business connections, stay up to date with the technology and most importantly, keep an eye out for the competition. When properly planned, trade show displays and banners can prove to be valuable for a business in generating leads and establishing brand identity. Most successful corporate events are jam-packed with potential customers, working with the right sign company in Huntington Beach, CA, can get you the access to high-quality trade show signage that can attract a lot of attention and make you the talk of the trade show. 

Your Trusted Sign Company For Perfect Trade Show Displays And Banners

Always remember that one tiny flaw in your signage can paint a very different picture of your business at such events. That is why it is always better to work with a sign shop in the Huntington Beach area that has the expertise to carry out the project successfully. At VizComm Signs and Graphics, we take pride in producing the best in class trade show displays and graphics that our clients can proudly showcase in any public event. Our highly skilled team of graphic designers ensure that the message is being sent out clearly and the overall signage is making a positive impact on the brand.

Design Tips For Trade Show Displays And Banners In Huntington Beach, CA

  • A Concise Message : For a successful trade show display or a banner, it is vital that your message is short and on point. As visitors in an event are bombarded with promotional messages, their attention span goes down and you can only expect a glance at your message. So, to make it impactful, it important that your message is concise and easy to understand.
  • Message Placement : The basic rule is to place the main part of the message in the top half of the banner or the display. As people tend to read from top to bottom, they get to the important part quickly, and it could be visible from a distance as well! The bottom part of the banner is generally used to showcase brand colors or images.
  • Text Size and Fonts : Text on a banner should be a minimum of 5 inches in height to be seen clearly. It can be adjusted depending on how far you want visitors to be able to see your message. Like the size, the font also plays an important role as a very plain font might not look very attractive and a fancy font might affect readability. Using a sans serif font is encouraged. The designer should maintain a balance between the two to ensure that a high-quality display is produced.

VizComm Signs and Graphics is a full-service sign shop based in Fountain Valley, CA. We specialize in making all types of custom business signs, corporate signs, storefront signs, trade show displays and banners and more to ensure businesses are getting the attention they deserve.

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