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The Internet has taken over the world and today businesses have no choice but to follow. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives and that makes brands follow their customers online. For most businesses, digital advertising has become the primary source of advertising for their products and services. But there are still many products that are too complicated to be bought online and need to be physically checked. That’s where exterior business signs in Santa Ana and area can be helpful for a business. With a perfect blend of online and offline marketing, businesses can target a broader audience and achieve their goals.

Business signs in Santa Ana have been used for a long time and are considered as one of the most affordable forms of advertising to a draw customer’s attention and invite them to a business. The best thing about custom outdoor signs is once they are up, they work continuously until they are replaced or removed with almost no additional cost unless they require maintenance. There are many uses for custom exterior signs that businesses in the Santa Ana area can utilize such as building brand awareness or promoting an upcoming event or a sale. A well-made outdoor sign can turn a business location into a landmark.

Types of Exterior Business Signs In Santa Ana, CA

Machine & Mfg Storefront Sign Letters by Orange County Signs

Building Signs

Building signs are one of the most important exterior signs. They are used to represent the name of the business in big bold letters. How the sign appears says a lot about a business and it helps the potential customers make an impression about the business before they choose to enter the facility.

Channel Letter Signs

One of the most popular forms of outdoor signs, channel letter signs are used to showcase a brand’s name as they provide a very upscale and professional appearance to the business. The main reason for their popularity is they can be illuminated in three different ways and can make a brand name shine in the dark hours.

Custom Lighted Channel Letters for DAINESE in Santa Ana, CA
Custom Outdoor Business Signs for Skin Theory by VizComm Signs and Graphics in Fountain Valley, CA

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are the oldest forms of advertising. They are still relevant because they can still do the job for any business. Almost all businesses in Santa Ana, whether big or small, use outdoor business signs to promote discounts or upcoming events. They are also the most affordable forms of outdoor advertising.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are ground-mounted signs placed outside a property. They can be made from concrete or bricks and can have many different finish options. They are used to signify the type of property and are generally used by large businesses like hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, universities and more.
Natural Bridges best monument signage

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Vizcomm Signs and Graphics is a full-service sign company in Santa Ana, CA. Our services include design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for all types of custom interior signs, custom exterior signs, vehicle wraps and graphics and all other forms of signage that help businesses spread awareness and communicate with their target customers.

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