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Signage plays an important role when you want to turn your business into a brand. It can give your business the identity it needs to set itself apart from the competition.
This is especially important when you offer personal care services such as beauty salons and barbershops. It is said that 68% of customers form an impression about a company’s products and services based on their signs. Your signs must reflect the beautiful work you do for your clients.

Storefront signs for Twisted Salon in Orange County by VizComm Signage Group

The Right Beauty Salon Signs​

When starting a new sign project in Orange County, establishing your goals helps determine the type of signs you choose. Once that’s out of the way, you can begin to pick out the best hair salon sign options that suit your needs.

Hair Salon Logo: Building your identity starts with showcasing your logo to the public. This can be done through channel letters or dimensional signs above your doors.

Outdoor Salon Signs: Outdoor signs help build your presence and attract more clients to your business. These also help promote the services you offer to your target customers.
For example, salon yard signs can attract anyone driving or walking by who might be looking for salon services.

Interior Salon Signs: Interior signs are crucial to build a great customer impression. This starts with an impressive reception sign that showcases your brand. You can also include menu boards that display your various services offered.

Barber Signs: Barbers typically attract a different set of customers. Custom barber signs are simpler and depict the more straightforward nature of the services available to your clients.

Promoting Your Services with Outside Beauty Salon Signs

Barbers and beauty salons rely a lot on foot traffic to get more business. A great way to stand out from other salons is to let target clients know about what type of services they can get from you.

Your windows are one of your best assets. Turn your storefront windows into rent-free ad spaces using salon window graphics. Highlight your expertise or announce deals and promotions using vinyl graphics applied directly onto your windows.
Adding salon banners around your area is also effective in driving more traffic to your business. They are eye-catching and are visible even from a distance.

Even simple barber signs that focus on your name and logo are enough to tell clients that you are an available business they can visit. The key is to create awareness of your salon or shop through your signs.

Don’t let your business fade into the background because of the lack of signage. Tell customers why you are the preferred choice through attractive sign solutions for your salons!

Storefront signs for Twisted Salon in Orange County by VizComm Signage Group

Your Trusted Sign Company in Orange County, CA

Building your brand is made easier with the right sign partner to help you. VizComm Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company that designs, produces, and installs high-quality custom salon signs for your business needs.
Our team is committed to getting to know our clients and assessing their business location. This ensures we provide the best sign recommendations that help establish your brand in Orange County.

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