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There is so much that Orange County businesses can benefit from having impressive signage. It’s an effective way to not only reach but also engage your target customers. These are important for growing your business and increasing sales.

When it comes to signs, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, some signs provide more benefits than others. Commercial cabinet signage is one of them.

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs, also known as box signs, are illuminated signs that usually contain your business name and logo. They can be used on a building’s façade, or most popularly on pylon signs in Orange County, California.

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer expert services when it comes to refacing cabinet signs. When you need to revamp your existing signs, we’re here to help. Get our team to replace the acrylic front face of your signs to get a newer, fresher look.

Uses for Light Box Signs

Cabinet signs are a worthwhile sign investment. It can be used in many ways to benefit your Orange County business. For instance, they are one of the best signs to make your business name stand out.

Custom box signs are also perfect for outdoor freestanding signs. They are popularly used for pylon signage. It’s a great way to get plenty of roadside attention, driving more traffic to your business.

Do you have a multi-tenant establishment? Multiple light box signs can be used to display the names of businesses found within your facility.

Does your storefront or pylon sign have cabinets that need updating? Continue using these signs to your advantage with a little re-facing from VizComm Signs & Graphics! Whether you’re a new business that wants to change the sign face, or an existing brand looking for a revamp, we’re here to help.

Active Collision Pylon Signs Made by VizComm Signs & Graphics 

Reasons To Update Various Types of Cabinet Signs

  1. Maintaining your business image. Outdoor signs are usually your customer’s first point of contact with your business. Giving your signs a refresh ensures your business always makes a positive impression on your target audience.
  2. When rebranding, you may need to change your logo or overall design theme. Reintroduce your brand to Orange County customers by updating your signs.
  3. Damaged, dilapidated signs. Research shows that poor signage deters people from visiting a business. Attract more customers with renewed pylon signs or storefront cabinet signs.
  4. Moving into a new location in Orange County, California. Does your new location have existing cabinet signs? Make good use of them by refacing the signs to reflect your business.

Cabinet Signs Near You

Impress customers and make your business hard to miss through an eye-catching cabinet sign! Partner with VizComm Signs & Graphics today for your refacing needs.

We are a full-service sign company in Orange County. We design, produce, and install a wide range of sign options for all your business requirements. Our team are experts in refacing, redesigning, and revamping your signs. Whether you have backlit signs, double-sided cabinet signs, or the like, we can help.

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