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Custom post and panel signs are a perfect complement to your other brand and promotional materials and are also an economical and versatile solution to many of your company’s external signage needs. Whether you need to identify your business, inform, advertise, and/or even to direct traffic, post and panel signs are an excellent way to communicate important information.

Post & Panel Signs For Your Orange County Business

Few signs deliver more impact for your investment than custom post and panel signs offered by VizComm Signs & Graphics. These highly appealing signs offer changeable copy areas, header logo styles, and LED moving message systems to display sales, events, or other business announcements. Consider post and panel signs as an alternative solution if mounting a sign to your building is not an option. Whether you choose an illuminated or non-illuminated sign, you can vastly increase the visibility of your company with a professionally constructed sign.

Here are just a few post & panel signs we offer to help you with your signage needs:

School Post and Panel Signs

Commercial Post And Panel Signs

  • Custom Post and panel signs be used on a permanent or long-term basis for commercial businesses.
  • Identifies stores, restaurants, offices, factories or other businesses and organizations.
  • Marks schools, libraries, parks, civic offices and other agencies and sites.

Real Estate Post And Panel Signs

  • Can be used on a shorter-term basis for real estate agents and developers.
  • Notes the availability of retail, office space or residential units for lease in a building, retail center, apartment building, condominium or housing development.
  • Advertises available lots or design/build opportunities in industrial parks.
  • Describes a new housing/real estate project.
  • Alerts potential buyers or tenants to availability dates.
  • Advertises the name and phone number of the owner, broker or listing agent.
Post and Panel Signs for Business & Pleasure Co.
Post and Panel Signs for Business & Pleasure Co.

Construction Post And Panel Signs

  • Can be used on a temporary basis and work as site identification signs.
  • Displays the name of the building project.
  • Shows the name of the company or developer.
  • Identifies the architect and contractor.
  • Reveals the completion date.
  • Provides directions to construction vehicles.
  • Displays important safety information.

Whether you need permanent aluminum post and panel signage to market your business or temporary signage to advertise a property, our team of post and panel sign experts can create the eye-catching custom outdoor signs that you need.

Post & Panel Signs FAQs

Post and panel signs typically consist of two posts with a sign panel right between them. The sign panel usually displays important business information. This can include your business name, logo, address, contact details, and more. These signs are usually made with weatherproof materials like wood, aluminum, metal, and vinyl.

Post and panel signs are a fantastic addition to your space. When you need efficient wayfinding signs, these are a great choice. They are positioned along the road, very visible to anyone walking or driving by. Because of their visibility, they are excellent identification and branding tools for your business.

Post and panel signs are made with durable materials that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Their lifespan varies depending on the type of materials you choose. On average, they can last up to 5 years before showing any signs of wear and tear. They can last longer with proper care and maintenance.

Post and panel signs are primarily used as wayfinding and identification signs. They display your business name and logo and point customers toward your business. These can also be used as directories, especially for large complexes. They are also popularly used as commercial real estate signs, displaying details outside properties.

Post and panel signs are made with weatherproof materials perfect for outdoor use. The posts are usually made with metal or wood that’s mounted on the ground. The sign panels can be made with aluminum, plywood, HDU, MDO, and wood.

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