Vehicle Wraps

According to research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 98% of in-car audiences said that they notice vehicle signage, and 29% said they make buying decisions based on that signage. It’s time to get your piece of the vehicle wrap advertising pie and take advantage of creating a great impression with potential customers passing by your vehicles on the street.

VizComm Signs & Graphics Can Help You With All Your Vehicle Wrap Needs In Orange County, CA

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer the perfect selection of custom vehicle wraps to fit your business needs and target your customer market.

Here are just a few services we offer to help you with your vehicle wrap needs:

Commercial fleet wraps and graphics for FedEx in Orange County

Commercial Fleet Wraps

Take your business to the next level by wrapping your entire fleet of vehicles! Your business will be a force to reckon with on the roads with a full fleet of vehicles at your disposal to advertise your business on the go for you, day and night, rain or shine, 365 days of the year. Fleet vehicle wraps are a great branding solution in Orange County, CA, that will help drive sales and business growth by creating multiple brand touch points.

Boat Wraps

Why should you consider boat wraps for your business? We think the better question would be why you shouldn’t consider boat wraps for your business, and the answer would be that there is no reason not to! Boat wraps will enable you to advertise in different areas, which in turn will widen your ad coverage even further if you are also implementing fleet wrapping for your vehicles on the road.

Galaxy boat wraps and decals for business in California
Custom RV wraps by VizComm

RV Wraps

It’s time to make a dent in your local community by taking on more advertising for your business! A well-designed RV wrap acts as moving billboard that gets more attention and closer inspection than you would ever get from a distant billboard.

Car & Truck Wraps

Whether you’re an independent contractor or have a fleet of commercial vehicles, we will create the perfect vinyl custom car & truck wraps for what you need. We provide you with professional design and installation for your vehicle wraps and graphics.

car and truck wraps in orange county
Vehicle Wraps in California

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals are a cost-effective form of advertising that is sure to turn heads anywhere your vehicle goes! Whether you’re an independent contractor or have a fleet of commercial vehicles, we will create the perfect vehicle decals for what you need.

Partial & Full Wraps

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer comprehensive vehicle wrap solutions to make a lasting impression without costing an arm and a leg. Our expert designers can help you get creative with placement, messaging, and unique shapes to maximize the impact on your company vehicle.

Monster vehicle wraps in Fountain Valley, California
Frequently Asked Questions

A full wrap is around for a standard vehicle is $2100-$3000+ depending on the material, unique labor required and design. A fleet van, truck or larger vehicle can be higher for a full wrap. Many times, a partial wrap would be an appropriate solution from a design standpoint and can be meaningfully less.

Typically, it should last 5 to 7 years. It can even last longer provided it is maintained properly and is not exposed to direct sun and heat for a prolonged period.

Auto-wrap advertising is the practice of covering your vehicle in a vinyl wrap, essentially making your vehicle a mobile billboard. It helps in creating an impression with potential customers and showcase the personality of your business. We are experts in this space and can help any business with their unique branding and design approach.

Wrapped vehicles should be washed once every two weeks. It should be washed using a mixture of cold water and mild car wash detergent (non-abrasive). Vehicles should be hand washed with soft sponge/non-abrasive cloth. Avoid cleaning the vehicle with automatic car washes.

Do not wash the vehicle using hot water and/or petroleum or acid-based cleaning agents.

Cast vinyl is the industry premium and is highly durable. They are the best to use for complicated details and adjust to the contours of the vehicle easily. Cast vinyl retains color well and is easy to remove.

Vinyl cast wrap are placed over the original paint of the vehicle and can be easily removed without having to worry about hurting your original vehicle.

With the right equipment and experience, it is easy to remove a vehicle wrap. When you need your wrap removed, be sure to give us a call so we can ensure it comes off without any issues.

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