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Are you looking to have more walk-in visitors to your business? Consider having an a-frame sign outside your business to make it stand out more to potential customers. A-Frame outdoor signs are one of the many types of signs that we can create for your business, depending on your needs. Not many can resist checking out the daily special on a sandwich board, seeing what’s on sale, or laughing at a witty message that’s meant to draw people in your door!

A-frame chalk board sign

The Benefits Of Custom A-Frame Signs For Your Business

  • A-frame signs are affordable and eye-catching signs that can be used to target traffic to your business.
  • These signs are perfect at encouraging impulsive purchases.
  • By using custom a-frame signs you can add a more welcoming experience and show you are “reaching out” to your potential clients.

Many customers rely on signs for receiving information about new products from stores. An a-frame outdoor sign is an excellent way to do this.

A-Frame Signs Work If Implemented Properly

Are you still questioning if a-frame signs would work for your business in Orange County, CA? A-frame signs and sandwich boards can make your business even more successful if implemented properly. Think about how many people are constantly walking up and down the sidewalk, passing your business with little regard to who you are or what you’re selling. A metal a-frame sign, however, will always catch a potential customer’s eye because these signs are directly in their line of sight. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we look for creative solutions to all your signage needs in Orange County, CA.

Here are just a few commercial a-frame sign designs we offer to help you with your signage needs:

Plastic A-Frame Signs

  • Virtually indestructible and hold up to tough exterior environments.
  • These signs don’t dent or splinter.
  • Excellent signage choices for parking lots, garages, valet services, and construction zones.

Best sidewalk signs in CA
exterior A-frame sign board

Sandwich Board with Changeable Letters

  • Multiple lines of custom text space to create vibrant and easy to read advertisements.
  • Each sign comes with sets of letters, numbers, and symbols that can be infinitely re-used.

A-Frame Marker Boards

  • Wood framing and black writing surface.
  • Can act as a platform for catchy phrases, puns, and other literary snippets to lure potential customers inside.
  • An opportunity to make people smile or post a picture on social media and, as a result, further your marketing efforts.
Best sidewalk signs in CA
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