Custom Metal Signs

Get the attention of your target customers with signs that speak volumes about your Orange County business. Whether you want a modern or traditional look, metal signs can help represent your business well.

Custom metal signs are a popular choice among businesses and institutions. They’re also commonly used in residential spaces. It is an ideal option when you need an attractive sign that makes a statement. 

Interior Metal Sign Letters for FDA in Orange County, CA 
Interior Metal Sign Letters for FDA in Orange County, CA 

What are Metal Signs?

Metal signs are made using a variety of high-quality materials. Aluminum, iron, steel, and the like are popular options. You can also choose different finishes, such as polished, textured, or brushed finish.

Aluminum metal signs provide a sleek and modern look, perfect for helping cultivate a more professional image. They are also durable and long-lasting, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in Orange County.

If you need high-quality metal signs near you, you’re in the right place. VizComm Signs & Graphics offers a wide range of metal signs for your business needs. We can customize your signs to your specific requirements. Learn more about the types of signs available and the cost of metal signs by giving us a call today. 

Types of Metal Signs

  • Aluminum Signs: Aluminum is the most common type of metal signage. This is a solid material, usually with a baked-on enamel finish. They are highly durable and resistant to dirt and rust.
  • Alumalite Signs: This is made of corrugated plastic that is sandwiched between two rigid aluminum sign panels. These are more lightweight and easier to handle.
  • Dibond Signs: These are solid plastic signs in between two thin aluminum sheets. This type of construction makes it strong and rigid, perfect for wall-mounted metal letters or hanging signs.
  • Armour Wood: This has a solid plywood core in between aluminum sheet panels. The wood core makes it stronger and more durable than traditional metal signs. If you want long-lasting commercial signs, this is the right choice.
Black Metal Lobby Signs for Otto Nemenz
Custom Metal Lobby Signs for Interstate in Costa Mesa, CA

Uses for Metal Signs

Metal business signs may seem like a stiff sign to work with. However, these are highly customizable and can be used in a variety of ways.

Large metal letters are great for storefront signs. They can establish your business identity and make it easier for customers to find your business.

Custom cut metal signs are also popular as lobby signs. When you want to appear professional and credible, these can help you achieve that look.

When you need stylish, sophisticated office door signs, these are a great choice. They effectively label each room or office, whether you need texts or numbers. 

Metal Sign Manufacturer in Orange County, CA

Elevate your business today and make a bold statement by adding aluminum metal signs to your space. Here at VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer high-quality sign solutions for your Orange County business.

We work with a variety of metal materials to fulfill your business requirements. Whether you need indoor or outdoor metal signs, our team can help! Contact us today to learn more, and we’ll give you a free quote. 

Metal Signs for Urology Center of Orange County
Classic Collision Metal Lobby Signs
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