ADA Signs

Whether you are opening a brand-new business or already have a well-established business up and running, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure your business has ADA compliant signs.

All businesses and organizations are subject to the rules outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Besides legal reasoning, it’s important to make sure your business and its products and services are accessible to all of your customers. This includes customers with disabilities.

ADA Compliant Signs For Your Business

While there are various requirements, businesses are still able to produce personalized signage that includes their logo and brand colors in order to stand out and represent their business and brand identity. At VizComm Signage Group, we provide custom ADA compliant signs that are produced specially for your company based on your design ideas and choices and aligning with your brand.

ADA signs include features such as braille, tactile lettering, high contrast for visibility, and more help ensure your workspace is inclusive and easy for people of all abilities to navigate.

Here are few examples of ADA signage types and how to best use them in your business:

ADA Braille Signs​

ADA braille signs should be mounted on walls, not doors and other locations that are safe for vision impaired individuals to access them while remaining safe. These signs need to be produced in order to meet compliance and incorporate Grade II Braille. Accessible signs are readily available in many shapes and materials, depending on your specific need and application.

Custom ADA compliant signs
Entrance wayfinding ADA signs by VizComm Signage Group in Fountain Valley, CA

Directional ADA Signs

Directional ADA signs are necessary to keep traffic flowing by providing easy to read and understand language and graphics. ADA wayfinding signs are perfect if you need directional signage in public locations such as airports, schools, hospitals, sports arenas and parking facilities.

Parking ADA Signs

ADA parking signs are the perfect way to designate your parking lots or streets. These  signs guarantee residents, employees and visitors are clearly informed of parking restrictions and requirements. Custom signs contain a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, all of which follow ADA regulations. These signs should be displayed for easy viewing and designate the proper parking location.

Custom tenant parking only signs

ADA Signs FAQs

ADA signs are signs that are mandated by the Federal Government and stands for the Americans With Disabilities Act or “ADA”. These signs should be conveniently located and easy to read both visually and through physical touch.

For an ADA sign to be compliant it should have, no glare, high contrast between characters and their background, high legibility, appropriate size of letters, appropriate placement of signs.

According to ADA Standards for Accessible Designs (1994), signs with Braille and raised characters are required for signs designating permanent rooms and spaces.         

Your sign font should not be in italics or any form of script. It shouldn’t be oblique, highly decorative, or in any other unusual form. The idea is for it to be as easy to read as possible. All ADA font should be sans serif. Additionally, sizing, stroke and colors are requirements as well.

Grade 2 Braille is required for text on tactile signs. Braille should be in lowercase with exceptions being proper names, letters as part of a room number, acronyms, the first word of sentences, or initials. Check your state laws for specific requirements.

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