Custom Monument Signs: For A Sophisticated Business Identity

If you are situated near busy roads or highways, a monument sign can be an excellent opportunity to communicate your brand, your product and the unique value of your company to the customers that drive by your location every day. A well-designed custom sign can be the answer to your success! At VizComm Signage Group, we use the highest quality materials available, strengthening the lifespan of your sign for many years to come.

VizComm Signage Group Can Create Unique Monument Signs For Your Business

Not only they promote your business, but also your brand identity. Custom entrance signs are perfect to showcase your retail entrance, corporate headquarters, school or church while giving an impression of quality and originality. Whether it is a stone, stucco, concrete, brick, or a wood texture you are looking for, we can provide a solution that is unique and custom made for your business. Our monument signs are durable enough to withstand all elements and will also meet your budget requirements as well.

Here are just a few benefits to having a monument signage representing your business:

Cornerstone Monument Signs for Business 
Cornerstone Monument Signs for Business 

Make A Great First Impression

Entrance monument signs catch your customer’s eyes and are unique enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone who passes by your business. Due to their permanent structure, these signs help to create a strong business impression with your customers and showcase that your business isn’t going anywhere and will be long-lasting. They do not face issues such as weathering or aging, allowing your sign to last longer and be repaired less.

Promote Multiple Areas With Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

One of the popular uses for these signs can be seen in shopping areas, business parks, and facilities with multiple businesses. A multi-tenant monument features all the different businesses located in the center and it provides a directory of facilities. These types of signs can also be there to greet those who are entering the area in manufacturing or corporate locations.

Easy to understand customized monument signs by VizComm Signage Group
Pipestone customized monument signs in California

Types of Monument Signs for Business:

  • Architectural Monument Signs
  • Illuminated Monument Signs
  • Post & Panel Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Stone/Brick Monument Signs
  • Wood Monument Signs
  • Foam Monument Signs

Custom Business Signs For Every Budget

We are here to service your business signage needs, including your specifications, budget and desires for design. We offer custom monument signs made from many different materials and in different sizes so you can have the perfect sign for your needs. Whether you are looking for a large sign that will announce your presence or something small and simple, we offer exactly what you need to keep your start-up costs within scope.

Natural Bridges best monument signage

Monument Signs FAQs

Costs for monument signs and pillar signs are higher costs based on fabrication, as well as installation. The costs are dependent on design, and unique installation requirements. We are happy to help get estimates on preliminary designs

There are 5 kinds of monument signs; Illuminated monument signs (for visual impact and ability to see in the dark), outdoor directory signs, pylon signs (for multiple businesses, used for plazas), post & panel signs and single building monument signs (long-term and permanent fixture that are used for stand-alone building).

Fabricating monument signs takes a lot of effort but can be done in the matter or weeks. The permit acquisition required process for the monument sign takes a meaningful amount of time for design approval and then the building/fabrication process can begin.

Modern monument signs are made out steel and other metals instead of brick or stone. These signs can be used for incorporating a modern-looking logo. Modern monument signs can differ from your standard monument sign like a statue that represents your company.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is used to make foam monument signs. These signs have long-term durability, lightweight and can be tailored to any custom need making them stunning.

If you are on a strict budget with a vision, then foam monument signs made of EPS should be your choice. Foam monument signs are durable, lightweight and can be easily replaced. We can also custom create monument signs from concrete and other construction materials to achieve a unique look and design.

If you are looking for a sleek and modern industrial design, then aluminum monument signs are what you are looking for. Aluminum monument signs are rust-resistant and require minimal maintenance.

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