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Business window graphics enable you to transform your windows into dynamic, 24/7 messaging tools. It’s the easy way to put your services, hours, logos and other essential information in clear view. From large storefront graphics that cover your windows to small, to custom graphics that are used as holiday decoration, we have a product for every business need.

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Options For Your Commercial Window Graphic Needs

  • Perforated window graphics
  • Transparent window graphics
  • Digitally printed vinyl decals
  • Cut vinyl window lettering
  • Clear static cling
  • White static cling
  • Frosted vinyl decals
  • Window etched & privacy films

The Benefits Of Custom Business Window Graphics

If you have specific branding and advertising goals in mind, business window graphics can be an excellent communication medium for your brand, or for the messages you want people in your target market to see. They are a cost-effective way to attract attention and create impulse sales. They’re quick and easy to install and will last a long time with proper care. You can print them on both sides, so that whether they’re coming or going, potential customers will see your message.

Decorative Window Film
Storefront window graphics in Fountain Valley, CA

Storefront Window Graphics For Your Business In Orange County, CA

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we have an expert team eager to work with you to create attractive and compelling window graphics to suit your business needs. We employ experienced graphic designers who know how to develop powerful graphics, in line with your branding guidelines and with the specifications of your project. Not sure what type of custom signs suits your needs? Our team is happy to talk about your signage needs during the free consultation we offer to all our potential clients.

Custom Window Graphics For Retail Stores

Did you know that the front window of a retail store can be one of the most important aspects to your business? An attractive and impactful window display can attract lots of people into your store. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we can help you keep your window displays up to date with your latest promotions and hottest products, by creating appealing custom signage to draw people into your store, so that you can turn them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

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Custom Window Graphics For Service Providers

What if you aren’t a retailer? Your business can still take advantage of a compelling window display too and decorate your windows with promotional messages to inform your potential clients about your services. Our expert team will be able to work with you to create the best display to suit your business and your marketing goals. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we can assist you with all the steps of the process, from creation to the installation of your personalized window graphics.

Window Graphic FAQs

Window graphics are vinyl adhesives that are applied to your windows. These can either be custom-printed or laser-cut to create the designs you need.

Window graphics let you add details to your windows and turn them into a marketing tool. They’re a great way to make your storefront stand out.

Yes, window decals are removable. They are designed to cling to your window surfaces without the risk of peeling. However, if needed, they can be removed without damaging your windows.

There are different ways to remove window decals, from applying heat to using soapy water, or alcohol.

The difference between window clings and decals are in the way that they adhere to the surface. Decals are made of vinyl that has an adhesive backing. The adhesive is that which sticks to the surface when applied. Window clings, however, rely on static electricity to adhere to the glass windows.

There are several material options great for making window decals. The most popular among them is calendared vinyl. It’s thicker, more rigid, and lasts longer. Other materials include cast vinyl, metallic vinyl, carbon-fiber vinyl, and more. Your choice depends on the design, the number of decals you need, and your working budget.

Correctly installing window graphics can be challenging. It’s better to rely on expert installers to ensure your signs are done seamlessly.

The cost to install window graphics depends on the size of the graphics, the number of graphics, and materials. Installers usually charge an hourly rate or on a per square foot basis.

There are various types of window decals that you can use for your business. Clear decals are a popular choice, as it lets you add designs while keeping your windows see-through. Vinyl lettering lets you add information to your windows. Other types include opaque decals, perforated decals, and frosted decals.

The length of time it takes to finish window decals depends on several factors. This includes the complexity of the design, the size of the sign, the number of decals you need, and more. It usually takes a few days to a week to create decals before we can install them.

The lifespan of window signs varies depending on the quality of vinyl you choose and where they are installed. Exposure to various elements, like UV rays, can also affect how long they last.

Window signs usually last a couple of years. You can extend its lifespan with proper care and maintenance.

It’s possible to see through the back of window decals if you choose the right vinyl material. There are types of vinyl that let you see through them.

Perforated vinyl, for instance, is a type of vinyl that can let you see through. This is popularly used on vehicles.

Perforated vinyl is a type of vinyl that lets you see through it. This is because it has multiple evenly shaped holes in the print. Those holes turn any print into a one-way mirror. It lets you see outside while blocking people’s view inside your space. Perforated vinyl is great for one way privacy.

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