Custom Lobby Signs For Business

Lobby signs can serve a variety of purposes for your business, ensuring that visitors know they’re in the right place and where they can find certain areas within your building. These signs also enhance the professional appearance of your business, and increase brand awareness by using your company name, font, colors, and logo. Customize your office lobby signs and choose the materials, finishes, and mounting options that work for your business. Whether you need a large sign behind the reception desk or lobby directory sign for easy navigation, we’ll work with you to create the specific signs you need.

Heidelberg Café Signs  
Heidelberg Café Signs  

Benefits of Custom Office Lobby Signs For Business

A growing number of businesses both large and small are using office lobby signs to reap substantial rewards.

Some of the most valuable benefits to installing lobby signs include:

  • Making a positive first impression with visitors who are new to your business/building.
  • Standing out and being memorable with visitors to keep them coming back again and again.
  • Engaging employees and increasing overall happiness and satisfaction with your business.
  • Taking a boring, plan lobby area, waiting room, or hallway and transforming it into an attractive display.

Installing Custom Signage In Your Lobby Area

This seems like the most obvious and crucial area to install custom office lobby signs if you have a large enough building that houses a lobby or reception area. A reception or lobby area is an appropriate area to install unique lobby signs for your business as this is the first impression visitors get when they walk through the front door of your building. Where to install your corporate lobby sign in this area ultimately depends on the layout and size of the room, and where your visitor’s eyes are most likely to gravitate when they enter your business.

Interior Metal Office Lobby Sign Letters in Orange County, CA 
Interior Metal Office Lobby Sign Letters in Orange County, CA 
Large Office Lobby Signs for Gofi 
Large Office Lobby Signs for Gofi 

How Lobby Logo Signs Benefit Your Business

If your business is located inside a building that has multiple business tenants, then you might only have enough space for a small waiting room. While a waiting room is not as large as a lobby area, accurate and attractive signage is still crucial to install here to help reinforce your brand and professionalism with visitors to your commercial space. An office lobby sign allows you to provide visitors with additional information outside of your company name and logo, including your products and services.

Where To Install Lobby Signage? Consider Your Hallway.

Smaller businesses may not have a lobby or a waiting room, especially if you are renting an office space in a commercial building. However, it’s crucial that any business takes advantage of the space they are given, no matter how small. By installing a lobby sign outside your office in the hallway, this will help to let visitors know where you’re located, while raising brand awareness to your business.

Attractive custom office lobby signs in Fountain Valley, CA
Corporate Lobby Logo Signs in Westminster, CA

Types of Lobby Signs We Offer:

Lobby Signs FAQs

A Lobby sign is a sign placed within your lobby area. These signs are usually mounted on your lobby’s wall displaying your business name and logo. Lobby signs can also showcase your company slogan, history, and accolades, and even promote products or services. They can also provide directions for customers and visitors.

Lobby signs give customers an impression of who and what your business is when they enter. These signs help present a better business image, one that can leave a lasting impression on your customers. They also create a positive customer experience right off the bat.

Each lobby sign type can be good for your business, depending on how you use them. Your choice of signage and its design should reflect who and what your business is. Acrylic signs are one of the most popular choices, perfect for corporate offices. Other options include dimensional letters and vinyl.

The lifespan of lobby signs varies depending on several factors. This includes the type of sign, material quality, care and maintenance, and more. Since they are found indoors protected from outdoor elements, they should last years before showing any wear and tear. Call us today to know which long-lasting sign works best for you.

Lobby signs are excellent identification signs, and informational signs. They identify your business from the get-go, so customers know exactly where they are when they enter. These signs provide important information about your business, and create a postitive first impression.

Business or reception areas need to have clear signage first to tell customers that they reached the right place. This avoids confusion and wasting the customer’s time. Clear signage is also important for creating the right first impression. It’s a great way to build a customer’s trust in your brand and business.

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