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Directory signs are an important information resource and are often the first signs your visitors will look for. They provide location information, such as room numbers, flight information, floor and facility maps, and more. To give visitors a positive impression of your brand, you will want a distinctive design that complements your business’ branding, something custom directory signs by VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you accomplish.

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What Are Building Directory Signs?

Directory signs are a specific type of informative sign. Informative signs help create a pleasant experience for visitors with your business and makes them more likely to return. It allows the visitor to have an organic experience through exploring your office space, while also giving them the confidence to figure out where they need to go on their own without becoming frustrated.

Why You Need A Directory Sign For Your Office

Directory signs are a one-time investment with lifelong rewards. Whatever the scale of your business, we can help you create the right sign for it. Whether you need a small lobby directory for a building with just a few offices, or a multi-unit building directory, we have a directory signage solution that meets your needs while offering the beauty of a well-designed directory at a competitive price.

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Outdoor Directory Signs for Business in Santa Ana, CA

The Benefits of Directory Signage

  • Creates an organic visitor experience while growing visitor confidence in themselves and your business.
  • Wall directory signage creates pleasant emotions in your visitors such as feeling welcome, comfortable and confident inside your business and navigating their way around.
  • Allows you to create an easy and seamless experience for your visitors, which will make them want to return.
  • Directory signage turns into a 24/7 ad for your business by presenting a beautiful corporate image which visitors will appreciate.
  • Attractive directory signage that flaunts your brand will help to trigger word-of-mouth advertising and brand loyalty.
  • Creates a higher return on investment with returning and new visitors through attractive signage.

Custom Directory Signs Made Just For You

Building directory signs can be made in many different ways to meet specific installation or location requirements, or simply to meet a specific budget. They can be relatively simple, with simple graphics and standard materials, or they can be elaborately designed with high-quality materials and graphical elements that stand out and provide visitors with not only directional information, but an experience that matches your brand.

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