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Many businesses, when they start to think about signage, usually first think about outdoor signage that will attract visitors to their building. After that, they might think about indoor signage that advertises special deals or further promotes their company brand. What is sometimes overlooked, however, are directional signs which let your customer know where certain items are, where the conference room or service area is, or even where they can find a washroom.

Wayfinding Signage

Why Wayfinding Signs Are Important?

  • Indoor wayfinding signs can help support your branding efforts and advertise your business.
  • Custom wayfinding signs can help visitors move confidently around your building with confidence.
  • Wayfinding signs can increase overall customer experience and satisfaction while communicating a welcoming environment to visitors.

How To Design The Perfect Directional Signs

When a customer walks through your doors, it is simply good business practice to make them feel comfortable and welcome. One of the easiest ways to do that is to make it easy for your customer to find their way around.

Here are just a few of the best practices we recommend following in order to design directional signs for your business.

Lighted directional signs
Lighted Directional Signs by VizComm

Know Your Commercial Space

Consider what the most popular and most visited parts of your business premises are. Now ask yourself, if you had never been inside your business before, how easy it would be for you to locate those areas without stopping to ask someone. If your answer is “not really,” then it may be time to consider some directional signage.

Ensure Signage Is Up To Date

Are you planning, or already in the process, of making any changes to your office building? Adding a new washroom? Moving a specific meeting room somewhere else? Whatever changes you might be planning, or in the process of, it’s important to ensure that your custom directional signs are updated too to match these new changes.

Exit directional signs for business
Yellow and black directional signs

Keep Signs Clear And Concise

Directional signs can be any signage that lets your customers know how to find an area or specific items in your business. In order for your customers to understand your signage, you must make your signs easy to read through using legible fonts and larger print with a simple message that is to the point.

Never Make Assumptions

Never assume that your customers will automatically know where to go when they walk into your office. Look for points where a decision has to be made on where to travel, such as areas like staircases, elevators, entrances, and exits. These are all obvious places to locate indoor directional signage to help visitors make informed decisions.

interior metal braille sign

Directional Signs FAQs

Directional signs are any type of sign that provide directions or instructions to their reader. These ensure that visitors, customers, and the like can navigate a space freely and confidently. These signs create a more organized environment. People know instantly how to go from point A to point B because of directional signs.

Directional signs can be any type of sign, from acrylic signs to dimensional letters and more. The way to make them varies depending on the type of sign you choose. The biggest difference is the information on the sign. These can include instructions or arrows that point in the right direction.

Wayfinding is necessary for any business or space. It avoids any customer frustration from having to run around finding the right place. As a result, it creates a more pleasant customer experience. Knowing exactly where to go makes your business more efficient. This is a great way to increase potential sales and profit.

There are four types of wayfinding signs. Identification signs identify a room or space, creating a necessary landmark. Directional signs help people find where they are going. Informational wayfinding signs provide an overview of your facility, giving people a better idea of where to go. Lastly, regulatory signs provide safety and privacy information.

There are different directional signs that you can use for a building or space. One of the best examples of these signs is those that point toward restrooms. These usually have universal pictograms of restroom symbols. They’re also elevated, making it easy for anyone to see the sign even from a distance.

Directional signs are typically green and white. These are true, especially for directional signs on the road. However, these can vary when used inside buildings and other spaces. They can be customized and designed for branding and decorative purposes. You can use any color as long as ADA guidelines are followed when necessary.

Wayfinding signs are a must for any business, building, or space. They are important because of their main function: providing directions. Without these signs, people – especially first-time visitors – will most likely get lost trying to find their way around. Wayfinding signs make any space more organized and easy to navigate.

There isn’t a set price when it comes to directional signage. The cost varies depending on the type of sign, material, size, and design you choose. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer a variety of options that can fit your business and budget needs. Contact us today to get an exact quote.

The main purpose of directional signs is to help people navigate any space, whether indoors or outdoors. These signs provide directional cues, from instructions to arrows. These cues tell people where to go or what to do to get to their destination. Learn more about directional signs by giving us a call today.

There are many ways to get directional signs in Irvine. Standard signs can even be found in big box stores. However, when you want high-quality, customized wayfinding signs, VizComm Signs & Graphics is your best bet. We offer a wide range of options that don’t just give directions but also enhance your space.

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