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Wouldn’t it be awesome to impress your employees and clients with a visually stunning office? Imagine potential employees lining up to work in such a beautiful office, or your client’s jaws hitting the floor as soon as they walk through your door. It’s time to take your business to the next level by utilizing vinyl wall graphics to customize your office, decorate any room, or brand your next event!

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How Custom Wall Decals Can Help Your Business in Orange County, CA

Custom vinyl wall decals for business are essentially large stickers that can be applied to your walls, printed with any design in any shape or size you desire. However, If you want to drastically change the look of your environment, whether you’re creating personalized wall graphics for your office, or an intricate art piece to enhance your interior design we suggest using custom vinyl wall decals.

If your looking to add a professional touch to your storefront, restaurant or office and ensure your customers instantly recognize your business and branding, then you would want to implement graphic wall murals. Graphic wall murals are perfect to showcase you company logo, incorporate your directional signage right onto your walls, or provide helpful wayfinding for customers and coworkers.

For spaces like restaurants, hotels, business lobbies, meeting and conference rooms, retail and commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, and schools, you’ll want to include custom wall graphics into your overall signage strategy.

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer repositionable and removable options in commercial wall graphics that are long-lasting, 100% customizable, available in any size or shape, and are printed on high-quality, durable vinyl. Our services are available in Orange County, CA, and nearby areas.

Different Types of Wall Graphics and Lettering

Wall graphics are of the easiest ways you can change the look and feel of any space. There are plenty of options to choose from, each perfect for any type of application.

  • Custom Wall Vinyl Decals – These are the most common type of vinyl graphics, easily applied to wall surfaces. They can be digitally printed and laser-cut with your specific designs. Vinyl decals are great for branding, displaying your company logo, and other decorative purposes. These signs are long-lasting but easily removed without damaging your wall surface.
  • Textured Graphics – These are ideal for adding depth and dimension to your walls. They mimic the look of various materials, like brick, wood, concrete, and more. This lets you create textures without the need for added construction or renovations.
  • Custom Wall Vinyl Lettering – These are vinyl adhesives that allow you to add letters, texts, and phrases to your wall surfaces. Vinyl lettering can be customized to match different font styles and sizes, depending on your specific needs. They are popularly used to add messages and quotes to catch the interest of your customers in Orange County, CA.

Each custom wall decal printing option can be tailored to fit your unique needs and design requirements. They work efficiently to elevate any room or space, creating a more immersive environment.

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How To Use Vinyl Wall Signs Effectively

 Vinyl is one of the most versatile sign materials in the market. When used as wall graphics, they can function in different ways to benefit your business. However, not all custom wall designs are created equal. As such, it is important to create them in a way that can be an advantage for your brand.
  • When used for branding, make sure you put your brand front and center of the design. Wall graphics are digitally printed. This means you can have any type of design printed and added to your walls. 

    This gives you more freedom to create different kinds of designs that can boost your brand. For example, you can have your exact brand logo printed and added to your walls. If not, simply use your brand colors and themes in your designs.

  • Advertise your products and services with large vinyl wall decals. This is a great way to use an otherwise blank wall inside your business space. 

    Adding wall graphics transforms your walls into a valuable marketing resource.

  • Boost employee morale with corporate wall graphics. Aside from ads, your walls can be used to create a better atmosphere for your team. Adding wall stickers with positive words and quotes, for example, gives employees something positive to read every day. This can inspire productivity in the workplace.
Corporate Wall Murals for Office in Santa Ana, CA

Creative Custom Vinyl Wall Graphic Ideas for Businesses

The way you can customize wall wraps for your business makes the possibilities endless in terms of design. Here are some unique ideas you can explore:

  • Branded wall spaces – Wall graphics are perfect for displaying your company logo, slogan, and other key branding elements. Aside from reinforcing your brand, this creates an eye-catching focal point in your store or office.
  • Product showcase – Custom wall decal printing makes it possible to display your products or services using your wall spaces. You can do small or large-scale designs that pique the interest of your customers. It’s also a subtle way of advertising your product offerings, urging customers to make a purchase.
  • Inspiring quotes or messages – Through office wall graphics, you can incorporate inspiring quotes or messages into your walls. You can choose messages that resonate with your company values. This helps create a more positive atmosphere not just for customers but also for your team.
  • Interactive wall designs – Vinyl graphics lets you add elements that people can engage with. This can include QR codes, hidden messages, or even 3D wall graphics. It’s a great way to make a memorable impression.

There are so many more possibilities when it comes to designing your business with custom vinyl wall wraps. It’s just a matter of designing them to reflect your brand identity and create the environment you want to foster.

Partnering with a commercial wall decal provider is a great way to bring your vision into reality. Contact VizComm Signs & Graphics today for your wall graphics printing needs!

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How To Install Your Custom Printed Vinyl Wall Graphics

  • Custom wall decals for business must be applied to a smooth, clean and dry surface.
  • Ensure that the decal has been brought to room temperature for optimal adhesion.
  • When applying, start at the top of the graphic, slowly removing the backing and applying even, overlapping strokes using a smooth tool as you work your way down.

How To Remove Your Business Wall Decals

Note that these instructions only apply to corporate wall graphics that are removable and repositionable. Most, if not all, wall graphics are made to be removable. They offer a unique and temporary solution for your signage needs. Removable wall graphics are perfect for:

  • Launching new products or services
  • Promoting deals and events in Orange County, CA
  • Adding seasonal décor
  • To remove corporate wall graphics, simply pull carefully starting at one edge of the graphic.
  • Using a bit of heat, such as hot air from a hairdryer or heat gun, will help the adhesive loosen for easier and cleaner removal.
Vinyl Decals for Office Wall in Fountain Valley, CA
Custom Made Wall Logo by VizComm Signs & Graphics

The Benefits of Business Wall Graphics

  • Vinyl wall graphics are cost-effective. It doesn’t take much to have vinyl graphics printed and applied to your walls. If you are looking for a highly cost-effective sign option, these are a great choice.
  • Wall wraps are eye-catching. Imagine the difference between a blank wall and a wall with graphics. When you have vibrant, interesting designs, customers are easily drawn to them. This benefits you, especially if you are trying to promote your products or boost your brand.
  • Wall graphics create an interesting indoor feature for your business. This lets you add any type of décor, from seasonal themes to images and the like. Having unique, modern wall decals creates a lasting impression on your customers.

Get High-Quality Custom Wall Graphics Today

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, wall graphics can benefit you in various ways. Make sure your office wall designs stand out! Choose the best sign maker that can deliver your signage needs. 

VizComm Signs & Graphics is your trusted sign partner in Orange County, CA. We offer a wide range of wall graphics and designs that can boost your business. 

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Wall Graphics FAQs

Vinyl wall graphics are vinyl adhesives that can be applied to smooth wall surfaces. Similar to wall murals, they can be custom printed with any type of design you need. However, wall graphics are smaller and laser-cut to create different shapes and forms.

Vinyl wall graphics are easy to install and are also removable.

Wall graphics benefit your business in different ways. They let you utilize an otherwise unused space to your advantage. Wall graphics also transform wall spaces into interesting features that can catch the attention of your customers.

These signs can be used for branding, promoting your products and services, and adding seasonal decor.

Wall decals and graphics are made to adhere to any smooth surface. They are also designed to be removed without causing any damage to your wall surface.

However, there can be factors that may cause damage, like exposure to extreme heat. It’s important to take extra care when removing your decals.

The difference between decals and stickers is how you adhere them to a surface.

For stickers, you simply peel off the backing paper to reveal the adhesive which you apply to whatever surface you’re using. Decals, however, require that you transfer the print to a transfer paper that you use to apply to the surface.

Wall stickers are used in many different ways. They can serve as a messaging tool, letting you add important information to your wall surfaces. They can also be a marketing tool, letting you advertise your products and services using your walls.

Wall signs help businesses by turning their walls into business assets. This lets them use their walls for branding, marketing, or decoration.

Instead of blank, empty walls, wall signs make your business look more interesting and unique. You can create designs that leave a positive impression on your customers.

The longevity of your wall decals varies depending on the type of vinyl material used and where it is located.

For the most part, decals can last anytime between 6 months to a few years. However, exposure to sunlight and other elements, as well as being bumped and scratched, can affect their longevity.

Vinyl stickers and decals differ in a significant way. Vinyl stickers are vinyl sheets with a design printed on them and cut into the shape it needs.

Vinyl decals, on the other hand, are vinyl sheets laser-cut to create specific designs. This is also why most decals are done in single colors.

Yes, you can use wall decals in a lobby area. It is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to lobby signs.

Wall decals can be printed and laser-cut to match your design. This allows you to display your exact business name and logo in your lobby area using wall decals and graphics.

Wall decals are designed to be removable. As such, it’s relatively easy to remove them when needed.

However, removing decals needs to be done carefully. High-quality decals can usually be removed by gently peeling them off, but some may need the assistance of a sharp knife, hairdryer, and some elbow grease.

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