Give A Warm Welcome To The Visitors With Office Reception Signage

Did you know that reception signs are the first impression a visitor gets of your brand when they walk into your office? When showcasing your professionalism, an effective office reception sign should be able to communicate the image and culture of your business while enhancing a visitor’s perspective of your company.

Muuu Meat Reception Signs in Fountain Valley, CA 
Muuu Meat Reception Signs in Fountain Valley, CA 

Types of Reception Signs

  • Engraved signs
  • Fabric banners
  • Wall wraps
  • Easels
  • LED displays
  • Reception wall letters
  • Freestanding display frames
  • Dimensional lettering
  • Snap frames
  • Acrylic office signs
  • 3D reception signs
  • Corporate wall logo

Create Stunning Reception Area Signs for Your Office

Office reception signs are a great way to keep your client’s attention once they have entered your business. At VizComm Signage Group, we can create a office lobby sign that promotes your logo, message or your products and services. They can be displayed individually or in combination to create an everlasting, elegant and exclusive message.

Let our expert team work with you to create a professional reception signage that will make a positive impression with your customers. Achieve the image you are looking for with acrylic reception signs that properly represent your brand. Reception wall signs are eye-catching focal points that create interest in your entrance area and add to the professional décor of your office location. Explore your reception options today with VizComm Signage Group and make the right impression today!

WJA Receptionist Desk Plate
Custom designed reception signage by VizComm

Custom Office Signs For Your Business

Branding is one of the most critical aspects of any business today. It is essential to have a strong message that carries through all of your marketing material and signage and allows your visitors to know who they are dealing with. Logo reception wall signs are an excellent way to impress visitors, giving your lobby or reception area a professional look. We offer several corporate sign options that will help you create the perfect image for your lobby to entice customers and clients alike.

3D Letters As A Reception Signage

3D letters make for really impressive reception wall signs. Our 3D letters are available in many shapes, styles, sizes and colors on a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, acrylic, PVC or foam. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated and can also be combined with other signage such as plaques to enhance its look and appeal.

Health One Reception Signs in Fountain Valley, CA
Woof Reception Signs Custom Made by VizComm Signs & Graphics

Acrylic And Glass Reception Office Signs

Acrylic and glass signs present an elegant and upscale image of your business. These front desk reception signs are very versatile and can come in numerous shapes, colors, finishes and effects. We fit the back of our signs with adhesive vinyl cut artwork, digitally printed artwork, laser cut acrylic lettering or a combination of all three.

Reception Signs FAQ

Reception signs, or lobby signs are the first impression an individual will have of your organization when they enter your office space. They help in guiding and informing visitors and help in creating a lasting impression about your business.

Depending on what materials you choose, and the size of the sign, this can vary greatly from $500 installed to thousands, depending on the finishes chosen. Speak to a sign specialist now to get a quote.

Your brand starts here, and it helps in creating a lasting impression of your business. While designing a reception or lobby sign, design and color are important considerations, however most important of all is that the reception sign showcases the personality and culture of your organization.

Some popular materials are foam with acrylic, metal, laminate, acrylic alone, fabricated stainless steel, formed plastic, wood.

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