5 Tips to Design Real Estate Signs that Deliver Results

Commercial Real Estate Signs

Residential and commercial real estate signs have two key goals: to help you sell the property and to help you sell yourself. Too many signs fail to help you do either of these tasks, instead of standing as nothing but a curiosity for neighbors. How do you get a sign that really leads to calls for you and offers for the property owner? Here are our top five tips to make your sign design more results-focused.

1. Match Sign Quality to Property Quality

A cheap sign does not look great outside of a high-end home or commercial property. Buyers take a cue from curb appeal to determine how well a former homeowner has cared for the house. They may also judge the owner by the quality of the sign you have invested in. So, choose quality materials. It’ll help you make a better impression too.

2. Make Your Branding Prominent

Your real estate for sale signs need to promote your business as well as the property itself. This is partly because people need to know where to contact you to show interest in the property and partly because it’s a great opportunity to promote yourself and your business.

So, ideally your real estate yard signs will include your branding, including your colors and name in your font. Your logo, and even your image, may also be wise inclusions depending on how much room you have on your sign.

3. Original Design Choices

The last thing you want is for your sign to look like everyone else’s because then it won’t stand out. So, you’d ideally take a look at a few of your competitors signs and see how yours can differ in meaningful ways. Consider using a different shape, material, color, or overall style from your major competitors. You’ll find that your brand makes more of an impact when your sign is distinct.

4. Choose the Right Type of Sign

There are several signs that you could use as a possible real estate for sale sign. Your choice of a sign should help appeal to your ideal buyer and to your ideal client. Here are some of your options:

  • Post and panel sign
  • A-frame sign
  • Flag sign
  • And more

5. Work with the Right Sign Company

A sign expert is your best chance of getting a sign that truly sells your property and you. Work with the sign design experts at VizComm Signs & Graphics today. We offer residential and commercial real estate signs to businesses in Santa Ana, CA.

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