Different Types of Channel Letters to Consider for Your Storefront

Storefront Channel Letter Signs Installation

Many of our clients reach out to us to get storefront channel letters, and it’s easy to see why. Channel letters are bold, illuminated outdoor signs that can get a lot of attention for any business. However, you may not realize that there are different types of channel letter signs that you can choose from. Below, we will discuss all the different types available; all of them are illuminated channel letters, which you want to choose to maximize the value of your investment as they are visible more often and from further away.

1. Front-Lit Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letters are lit so that the light comes straight out of the front of the sign. The light’s color may be amended by the material on the top of the letter, usually a colorful acrylic. We can match this color to one or more of your brand’s colors.

2. Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Illuminated channel letters can also be lit from the opposite direction. The light projects backwards, creating a halo-like effect around the channel letters. That’s why these signs are also called halo-lit signs. That light can also have a color, but it is more often a white or yellow color meant to contrast the brand colors on the letters.

3. Dual-Lit Channel Letters

Dual-lit channel letters are outdoor signs that combine the effects of front-lit and halo-lit channel letters. They project a colored light outward and are surrounded by a soft glow in another color. These are a great option for businesses that want their sign to look unique and to stand out among their competition, especially at night.

4. Open Face Channel Letters

Open face channel letters lack the acrylic across the letters that front-lit channel letters have. These signs are more niche but can work very well with some brands with unique styling.

Other Options for Your Channel Letters

Choosing the type of channel letter that you want is only the beginning. There are many more options you have for your sign, including its mounting type, font, color, and style. The team at VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you make the right decisions so that you end up with a sign you’re happy with.

We can help you with your storefront channel letters and other outdoor sign types too. Contact us today to start your sign consultation.  

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