Exterior Building Signs: Improve Your Brand’s Visibility in Style

Exterior Building Signs

Your building isn’t just what’s inside. It’s also important to have a property that advertises your brand to those who walk and drive by. You can use a whole range of exterior building signs to help promote your brand presence and draw customers to you. You can look at the exterior building signs near you to get a sense for what would be right for your business or look through this list to get some of our expert tips.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a smart outdoor building sign to start with because they are one of the most impactful kinds of signage. These large signs display your brand to everyone around, and make sure that your property can’t be overlooked. There are several different lighting options you can choose from for your channel letter sign.

Custom Banners

Are you looking for a more affordable way to make your storefront stand out? A custom banner might just be the ticket. These signs are large, they can withstand the weather well, and are very cost-effective, especially compared to the permanent signs on this list.

A-Frame Signs

Another more affordable sign option, A-frame signs are a great tool to help those who get a lot of pedestrians outside of their store. A-frame signs are oriented towards those who are walking by and therefore better capture their attention. Plus, they have room for a lot of detail, like a menu.

Pylon Signs

Those who are more interested in catching the attention of those who are driving by instead of those who are walking by will prefer the pylon sign. This tall, permanent sign can advertise several different businesses, making it a great exterior building sign for plazas and properties with several businesses.

Monument Signs

These signs are very useful for businesses that are far back from the road, or who need a lot of room on their sign to send out a specific message. You’ll see these signs in front of churches and schools because they help these organizations make an impact in their community.

Choose from Many More Exterior Building Signs from VizComm Signs & Graphics

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