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School Post and Panel Signs

Signs can help you get in front of your customer’s eyes. If you need flexible, outdoor signage, that is inexpensive and will help you get more visibility just where you need it, then you should strongly consider post and panel signs. We recommend post signs for businesses that want to make a wide impact with a small budget. Here are some of the benefits of these signs and how they help you get more visibility.


Many outdoor signs are big undertakings, from a design perspective and a cost perspective. Materials like steel, wood, and, of course, all of the materials that are needed for lighting, all add to the cost of a sign. However, post and panel signs do not have any of those. They are instead made of lightweight and inexpensive aluminum, making them a cost-effective investment. When you can afford to make more signs, you get more impact for your campaign overall.

Convenient Placement

Custom post and panel signs don’t need anything special to be mounted or placed where you want them. Small, metal posts dig right into the ground so that you can place them anywhere there is grass. Place them on customer lawns, street corners, in parks, and in your own green space. Although, you need to be sure that you’re allowed to place the sign where you want it to be.

Smart Materials

We offer aluminum post and panel signs, that are a lightweight and cost-effective option because aluminum is a reliable, durable, and flexible material. While they are great for short-term use, you can also use these signs for the long-term, as they resist the effects of rain and sun better than vinyl and other material options.

Completely Customizable

Our aluminum post and panel signs are completely customizable. We can print any design you’d like on the sign, whether it’s your brand name and colors, or an image of your product, or promotional information. If you don’t have a design in mind, we can help by creating a design that will work perfectly for your purposes and get your brand more visibility.

Reach Out to VizComm Signs & Graphics for Your Next Sign

If you’re ready to get custom post and panel signs, reach out to VizComm Signs & Graphics. We offer post signs for businesses and many more custom sign solutions that can help you make the impact that you need to.

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