Modern Monument Signage that Stands Out from the Rest

Commercial Monument Sign for Muuu Meat

Visibility is one of the best ways for an Orange County business to get its brand out there. Being constantly visible means getting more brand recognition and recall. As a result, you generate more leads and ultimately more profit for your business.

Give your business more visibility this year by investing in monument signs from VizComm Signs & Graphics!

Modern Monument Sign Solutions

These impressive outdoor structures are freestanding signs that usually display your business name and logo. They sit low on the ground, in the exact line of sight of people driving or walking by.

Because they’re outdoor signs, these are made with durable materials that can withstand various outdoor elements. Despite that, monument signage is fully customizable. We can design your signs with different shapes, colors, and sizes that incorporate your brand.

Here at VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer a selection of commercial monument signs. To truly stand out, we can create modern designs that are sure to turn heads your way.

Let’s look at some modern designs that you can consider for your business.

Use metal materials for your signs.

Only a few materials can give you an industrialized, modern look. One of them is metal. It can make even the simplest designs look chic and modern.

Metal sheets can be cut to create dimensional letters that display your business name. Take it a notch further by using a metal base and frame. This gives your monument sign a strong, bold appearance.

Go digital with your commercial monument signs.

Another excellent way to modernize your signs is to go digital. This can be done by installing digital screens, or electronic message boards, to your sign.

These let you display multiple messages using just one sign. It’s also a sign that moves, whether with message transitions or animated screens. This means it can easily catch the eye of anyone around it.

Do mixed media for that contemporary look.

Typically, monument signage is made all throughout with a specific type of material. Popular options include weather-resistant materials like concrete, stone, brick, and wood.

A great way to elevate your sign is to mix different types of materials to create the base, frame, and lettering. The contrast of materials makes it look more unique and eye-catching. For instance, you can do a wooden base with metal dimensional letters. This makes your sign look classic yet modern at the same time.

A Sign Company You Can Trust in Orange County

Getting monument signage can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Make that decision worthwhile by partnering with a reliable sign company to help you out.

For the best modern monument signs, VizComm Signs & Graphics should be your company of choice. We are a full-service sign maker that designs, creates, and installs your signage needs.

We have expert designers who can help turn your vision into a reality. Whether you need a classic or contemporary sign, our team can help!

Give us a call today and get a free consultation with our sign makers and get a complimentary quote.

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