Outdoor Hanging Signs: Enhancing Visibility with Style

Outdoor Hanging Signs Fountain Valley, CA

For businesses in Orange County, outdoor hanging signs offer a bold marketing strategy. They are placed at points with high visibility extending outwards from the building, with high chances to garner attention. Businesses that master hanging signs can have an enormous effect on brand awareness.

Custom hanging signs have tons of customization options that allow businesses to stand apart from the competition and receive undivided attention from their customers. Also, they are placed strategically at eye-level of passersby, making them impossible hard to miss. Many big businesses across the world invest in outdoor hanging signs to attract more foot traffic.

Before looking into how hanging business signs can boost brand visibility, let’s take a look at their different types:

Types of custom hanging signs

From a business perspective, hanging signs can be divided into two major categories: permanent and temporary. Permanent signs are a long-term investment directed towards gaining impressions on a regular basis. Whereas, temporary hanging signs are installed to focus on a specific marketing campaign like sales or events.

Permanent Signs

  • Hanging channel letters
  • Swing signs
  • Hanging blade signs
  • Double-sided signs

Temporary Signs

  • Banners
  • Hanging Clings

Temporary hanging signs are effective tools to create a sense of urgency in the potential customers for an upcoming or ongoing event or promotion. They are an affordable medium to gain attention and reach out to a large audience.

3 Reasons outdoor hanging signs help businesses to grab attention

Customizability – How effective a sign is depends upon how well it is customized to serve its local audience. If it is illuminated, it is all the more noticeable. Brightly lit hanging signs for business are effective at catching attention.

Spark interest – Hanging storefront signs highlighting promotions or special events can quickly become popular. Potential customers always keep an eye on their favorite stores and new signs about upcoming promotions surely get them excited.

Make your brand stand out – Custom hanging signs at conferences, trade shows, or shopping malls make businesses stand out in a crowded atmosphere. They promote your brand and act as location tags for your business to be seen and identified from a distance as well.

The Outdoor Hanging Sign Experts in Orange County

If you have decided to invest in outdoor hanging signs for your business in Orange County, get in touch with VizComm Signs & Graphics. We are a full-service sign company that understands the art of producing effective signage for businesses across all industries. Our experts are always ready to present to you the best solution that solves your problem and fits your budget. For any signage requirements, talk to our sign specialists and a get a complementary signage consultation.

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