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Navigating unfamiliar spaces can be an uncomfortable experience for many, if not all. if you are running by huge commercial space it is important to make an honest assessment of your overall signage strategy. In many bigger outlets, there are a variety of custom business signs used to great effect like window graphics, wall murals, hanging business signs, floor decals, and more. In such situations, when customers are exposed to a wide variety of products, there has to be an efficient navigation system that can direct them towards their desired directions.

Floor Decals Can Be Used as Effective Wayfinding Signage

It could be in an airport, bus terminals, or the train station. All these places attract a high volume of foot traffic. But still very few people fail to get on with their journey because of getting lost, the reason is a well-planned navigation strategy developed around the line of sight. 

In general, people look down when they are walking and that’s what makes floor decals so effective in providing the right directions.  For many businesses, overhead signs or hanging signs can work well too but if your establishment has a lot of open space, floor graphics are the best choice to help the visitors navigate with ease. 

Custom Floor Decals Turn Your Floors into Advertising Space 

Many businesses see floor decals as signs that help visitors navigate but with the help of the right signage partner, they can be used to gain some valuable exposure for the business. For example, floor clings can be used to announce promotions, upcoming events, sales, and more. They offer a great opportunity to make the best of the unutilized business areas like parking areas, hallways, or even elevator floors. 

When it comes to designing effective vinyl floor decals, there are no creative boundaries. By using bright colors and eye-catching fonts, custom floor decals can leave a mark of your brand in the minds of the customers. For seasonal promotions, you can choose removable floor decals. They can be removed and applied anytime without damaging the floor or leaving any marks behind.

How to Make Your Floor Decals More Effective?

The size of your floor decals or floor clings plays an important role as it directly impacts the distance from which they will be visible. Based on where you think your target audience will be watching, you can decide the ratio of text and design. 

One more thing to consider is their placement, floor decals should always be placed in areas where foot traffic is low, otherwise they will be covered by people and the message won’t be visible.

Contact the Floor Advertising Experts in Orange County

Successful businesses always make the best of their resources. Using floor decals for wayfinding and highlighting promotions can help you utilize every corner of your facility. The team at VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you determine the most impactful areas to target and design high-quality signage solutions for your businesses.  Reach out to us today and get a complementary signage consultation for your business.

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