Upscale Your Brand’s Presence with Dimensional Signs

Dimensional Signs

By their very nature, three dimensional signs stand out. They pop off the surface they are mounted on, cast shadow, and look intriguing to passersby. They are a great investment that can last 10 to 15 years, promoting your brand the whole time. Plus, they are versatile signs that can be used just as well inside as they can be used outside. Here’s what you need to know about how you can upscale your brand with these signs.

Sign Materials

Three dimensional letters and logos are available in a huge range of materials, but not all will add an upscale touch to your brand. PVC, foam and acrylic can fit your brand image, but it’s more challenging to make them look high-end. Other materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass and (for the right brand) wood are easier to make look classy. Your sign designer can help you choose the material that will best suit your brand and best reflect its high value.

Why Dimensional Signs?

Dimensional signs add a permanence and class to any space they are installed in. You may consider them for the exterior of your building, of course, but they can also play a role inside. Install these letters in your lobby to brand your space. Or, add them under the bar counter, to create a new ambiance in your restaurant. There are countless more applications for dimensional signs because they’re so flexible.

How Well Will the Sign Reflect My Brand?

When you’re using a sign for branding purposes, and to make your brand appear more professional, it is absolutely vital that the sign get all of the details of your brand right. Your brand colors, font, logo and even slogan can be exactly replicated with a dimensional sign. You can choose to highlight only the brand name, or only the logo. Either way, the design team at VizComm Signs & Graphics will be sure to get your exact brand feel right, even in the finish of the material.

Choose VizComm Signs & Graphics for Your New Sign

When you want a sign to reflect your brand and truly add value to your business, choose us at VizComm Signs & Graphics. We create quality designs and signs, in a short time frame. For three dimensional letters and logos specifically, we can turn around a custom sign in one or two weeks. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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