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Are you looking to make your business standout to potential customers from the road or sidewalk? A high quality awning sign will help take your business to the next level! They create a welcoming entrance area for your commercial space, and customers and passersby will take note of your logo and brand colors. It’s an excellent opportunity to boost your brand awareness and let people know where your business is located.

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At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we can create high quality custom business signs of any shape, size, and style for your entrance way and windows in Orange County, CA. They can extend over a doorway or window to provide decoration to the exterior of your building, protection to your customers from the weather elements, and the opportunity to showcase your logo thus increasing your brand awareness. Some commercial awnings are immobile, while others can be retracted, either manually or automatically. When used as the primary outdoor sign of a business, they are usually stationary.

Here are just a few custom awning signs and graphics we offer to help you with your business signs needs:

Traditional (Classic Slopestyle) Awnings

They are a perfect option to beautify doors, windows and storefronts. They suit businesses like coffee shops and ice cream parlors because customers will be protected from the rain and sun while they stop in for a quick snack. They also provide customers shelter from the elements while they await pickup for those businesses that see a lot of taxi traffic.

Promenade Awnings

A promenade awning can be made available with or without side curtains and has a frame that’s typically welded tubular steel or aluminum. You can further customize with elements like painted frames, a rigid or loose valance, egg-crate ceilings, backlighting, rounded ends and high quality graphics.

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Esquire Dome Awnings

Esquire dome awnings provide a statement of elegance and class. Commercial in nature, they are especially popular among niche industries, like spas, small boutique shops, microbreweries, restaurants and funeral parlors. They can be customized to feature a rigid or loose valance and have a bottom ridge that is frilled.

Frequently Asked Questions on Awning Signs

Depending on the needs of your project, it can vary anywhere from $500 – $10,000 based mostly on the size of the awning. For your specific needs, we suggest you consult with a sign specialist.

They are an alternative to storefront signs and can be highly attractive. There is more room for creativity while designing an awning sign for your business. Awnings are highly visible as they are usually mounted above an outside window or patio.

This is a bit of a complex process, so if you’d like to know more, please reach out to our sign specialists and they’d be happy to explain to you.

Awnings can also be made from woven synthetic fabric and flexible polyvinyl.

Awnings made from vinyl-based polyester composite synthetic fibers are waterproof and are long lasting. Materials like cotton are not completely waterproof because inclement weather will eventually wear down the waterproof coating.

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