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Having the right directions and information is crucial in any space or situation. These are what guide us to make our decisions. It also keeps daily operations running more smoothly.

As such, it is important to have signs that provide these directions and important information. This is why you need overhead signs in Orange County.

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What Is an Overhead Sign?

Overhead signs are signs that generally provide directions and information. In business spaces, you would see these mounted at an elevated height. Usually, these are found hung from the ceiling or installed high up on a wall.

These indoor signs are often made from acrylic or metal sheets that are printed or engraved. They can be customized in terms of size, colors, font styles, and general design.

These signs can also be found outdoors all over Orange County. They provide important directions to both drivers and pedestrians. The outdoor signs help maintain a more organized flow of traffic for drivers and pedestrians near your business.

Types of Overhead Signs

The cost of overhead signs largely depends on the type of material, size, and the number of signs you need. These signs come in two major types:

  • Overhead Business Signs – These are the signs used within your business space. They point towards key areas within your facility. Usually, this includes the restrooms, offices, elevators, aisle markers in retail locations and fire exits.
  • Outdoor Overhead Signs – Exterior overhead signs can be found in parking garages, or in urban areas to direct pedestrians.  Overhead signs can also help indicate parking areas or direct drivers to parking spaces, entrances, or exits. These signs let drivers and pedestrians navigate with ease.
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Uses of Overhead Signs

Every Orange County business understands the value that overhead signs bring to their company. These signs are used in many different ways to help your business.

  • Wayfinding – This is one of the main purposes of these commercial signs. It points customers to where they need to go. This makes navigating within your space easier for visitors.
  • Information Dissemination – These also have a key role in posting important information. For instance, overhead signs can indicate where fire exits are, where to enter a business or what aisle the cookies are in.
  • Safety – These signs are also used to provide various pieces of safety information. This includes “no exit” signs, “keep out” signs, and more.

The Best Overhead Sign Maker in Orange County

Do you need signs for your business or for your locality? These signs play an important role in everyday life. As such, it is crucial to have the right signs that fulfill your needs.

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer a wide range of sign options, materials, and installation services. We are a full-service sign company that you can rely on for your signage needs.

Whether you need acrylic overhead signs or large sign letters, we can help! Contact us today for a FREE consultation with our sign experts.

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