Mission Statement Signs

Every established business has a mission statement. It is a set of goals and values that your organization lives by and continues to work towards. The mission statement is your guide to the actions and decisions of your employees, leaders, and Orange County company as a whole.

Boost Your Corporate Office Branding with a Mission Statement

A lot of businesses display their mission statement around their space. This is usually through a mission statement wall sign. This lets you showcase your goals and values for both your customers and employees to see.

Having a display of your mission statement tells customers what you want to achieve as a business. This is important as customers are directly affected by these goals.

There are different ways to create a mission statement wall design. Here are some examples:

1. Wall Murals and Graphics 

This is one of the most popular ways to display your mission statement. It is also one of the easiest. These are vinyl adhesives that can be applied to your wall surface. Because they are digitally printed, you can have any type of design added to your walls. This includes a core values wall for your business. 

2. Dimensional Letters 

When you want to up your design game, dimensional letters are a way to do it. These can be made out of various materials, like acrylic, metals, and more. They are laser-cut to create 3D letters. You can use these to spell out words to display your mission statement.

3. Acrylic Signs 

If you want to showcase your mission statement in a chic and sophisticated way, acrylic is the way to go. These are clear panels that can be printed with your design.

Benefits of a Mission Statement Graphic Wall

These types of vinyl wall art decals may not be a priority for many Orange County businesses. However, they offer a lot of unexpected benefits. 

Having core values featured wall is a great way to boost your brand. The more customers understand your business, the easier you are to remember. Knowing what your brand stands for is a great way to increase memory recall. 

Mission statements also improve your workplace interior design. They create an interesting wall feature that keeps your indoor space interesting and unique. 

These also keep your team motivated to work hard. Seeing your mission statement, along with an office wall logo design, is a constant reminder of their vital role in the company. It also tells them they are part of one team working towards the same goal.

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Mission Statement Signs FAQs

Graphic design is necessary when creating a mission statement. This gives you the overall layout of your sign. It also lets you incorporate graphics to highlight the design. This way, you avoid having a plain, dull mission statement sign. Graphic design makes your sign more eye-catching and interesting to read.

Mission statements are action-based statements that incorporate your company’s values. They’re a summarized version of the “what,” “who,” and “why” of your company, usually consisting of one to four sentences. Here’s an example of a simple yet effective mission statement from Tesla: “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Mission statements can be displayed in a variety of ways using different types of signs. Because they need to be showcased around your business space, these signs are usually mounted on the wall. For this reason, wall graphics, wall murals, acrylic signs, and other types of wall signs are popular options.

There are different parts to an effective mission statement. To ensure its success, it needs to have: value, inspiration, plausibility, and specificity. These four elements make it easier to communicate the purpose, values, and goals of your business. This is also applicable regardless of the length of your mission statement.

Mission statements are different from taglines. They may have similar messages, but the delivery is different. Taglines are a shortened version of mission statements. These often use catchy phrases more for the purpose of marketing. Mission statements are more focused on your principles. They are more for investors, partners, and your team.

Creative mission statements start with what is unique about your business, goals, and values. It is what will set your message apart from other similar businesses. Take it a step further by picking a sign that is sure to catch their attention, whether it be a full wall mural or illuminated signage.

Every mission statement should be simple, concise, and engaging. To create effective mission statements, they should include:

  • What’s in it for the customers
  • Information on your products or services offered
  • Commitment to excellent products and services
  • Your company’s core values
  • The strength of your company and brand
  • The importance of your employees

The purpose of a mission statement is to communicate your business’s goals and values. It should inform customers, investors, partners, and employees about:

  • Your key objectives
  • Your target audience
  • The why behind your business

It serves to instill confidence in your business and create a professional and credible image of your brand.

Yes! Mission statements are necessary, regardless of the size – or longevity – of your business. It is what guides your company on your decisions, actions, processes, and more. Mission statements also show your commitment to working hard for the benefit not just of your customers but also your team.

No, wall decals don’t ruin mission statement walls. What they do is enhance your wall decor and help deliver your mission statement more effectively. Wall decals are an easy and convenient way to display your mission statement. They can be customized to include various branding elements to create personalized mission statement walls.

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