Give Your Branding Efforts A Lift With Awning Signs

Custom Awning Signs

If you’re looking to catch the attention of those passing by your business, boost your brand recognition, and create a welcoming entrance way, then look no further than signs and awnings for your business.

Customization at Your Fingertips

One of the reasons that an awning sign is a great choice for a business is because of its customization options to meet your branding needs and budget. No matter what your branding personality is, our customization options allow you to design awning signs for your business, no matter your style.

VizComm Signs & Graphics Will Meet Your Awning Needs

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we work with businesses on a one-on-one level to design the perfect signs and awnings for your business. We have internal resources available to support customer design needs. Our customization options allow any shape, size, and style of awning signs for your entrance way and windows. 

The Benefits for Your Business with Awning Signs

With the new year upon us, it’s time to consider how you will take your business to the next level. Awning signs for your business are the perfect way to increase foot traffic to your door, increase impulse purchases, and share where your business is located.

Awning signs can be put to good use in several different ways. You can use decorative awning signs for your business to ‘expand’ your footprint and enhance the aesthetic of your premises. They also make for great shelter, too, to keep your guests protected from the sun and rain. Best of all, the benefits of signs and awnings can be had at a very reasonable price. They are a relatively inexpensive form of outdoor advertising: like a billboard but without the recurring monthly fee.

There are other benefits to having awning signs for your business:

Outdoor seating – Awnings can be used to increase a business’ usable outdoor space in order to have things such as an outdoor patio for guests.

Protect your signage – Awning signs for your business are a perfect solution for protecting other forms of signage from the elements as well, such as window signage, window perforated graphics or a sidewalk sign from the elements.

Increase visibility – Signs and awnings make a business more appealing, eye-catching and impactful, which all lead to increased visibility amongst those walking by your business.

Reduce cooling bills – Awning signs help keep your business cooler on the inside, leading to savings in energy costs during the summertime in hotter weather.

VizComm Signs & Graphics: Custom Awning Signs for Your Business in Fountain Valley

Are you looking to give your branding efforts a life this new year? Consider awning signs for your business. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we will help your business reach success with custom-made signs and awnings. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and to receive a personalized quote.

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