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Sidewalk signs are typically framed or molded plastic signs that direct passersby into your business location. They give you the flexibility to change your content frequently, so your messages are always fresh and relevant. For business, they offer a quick, cost-effective way to draw attention to sales, events, or new product promotions.

Why Should Your Business Invest In A Sidewalk Sign?​

Here are just a few reasons why your business should invest in a sidewalk sign:

Your business is opening soon:

Are you opening soon and want to let your potential clients know? A sidewalk sign is the most convenient and cost-effective option for a temporary sign.

You have a mobile-moving business:

Trade show attendees, construction companies and contractors, real estate agents, food trucks and other mobile-type businesses can have vast exposure to a variety of clients and need a mobile sign to take with them on the go.

Promote new products, services and special hours:

Inform your clients of any new business announcements with an enticing vibrant image or logo and a short message in order to capture the attention of those passing by.

Custom Sidewalk Signs For Your Business In Orange County, CA

The term “sidewalk sign” refers to all kinds of temporary free-standing displays, including a-frames, swinging signs, message boards, chalkboard signs, and more. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we look for creative solutions to all your signage needs. Here are just a few custom sidewalk signs we offer in Orange County, California to help you with your signage needs:

Traditional Folding Sidewalk Signs

  • Easy to store and setup ensuring visitors don’t miss your signage.
  • Commonly made from light and durable polyethylene, with metal options also available.
  • Can stand up to the harshest weather, provided they are tied or weighed down.

Metal Frame Sidewalk Signs

  • Allows the user to insert posters and ad copies behind clear protective “lenses.”
  • These signs offer slightly more protection than traditional folding sidewalk signs.
  • Can reuse these signs for all kinds of advertising by simply swapping out the inserts.

T-base Sidewalk Signs

  • Double-sided displays mounted on a sturdy base formed into a T-shape.
  • Springs support the sign frame and provide some give to prevent tipping in windy weather.
  • Most t-base sidewalk signs use a PVC frame with a protective lens to protect the underlying graphics.
A-frame sidewalk signage
Custom tenant parking only signs
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