4 Tips to Design Effective Wayfinding Signage for Your Business

Wayfinding Signage

There is no secret in what wayfinding signs are. The name is self-explanatory: signage that helps people find their way around. Also known as directional signs, they need to follow ADA compliance when they are pointing towards any facility or area that is accessible to the public. Most businesses have had custom wayfinding signs installed within or outside their establishment, but many times they are not optimized properly to deliver the best results. How do you make wayfinding signs for business more effective?

1. Bigger is Better

In many cases, it is not true that a bigger sign is more helpful. But with wayfinding signs, the bigger the sign, easier for the visitors to find the right directions. The size of a directional sign is directly proportional to its visibility. As bigger signs are easy to read from a distance and stands out against everything else around it. Also, when visitors are looking for wayfinding signs it means they are not familiar with the surroundings, they don’t know where to look or go. For your directional signage to be effective, you should aim for the biggest size possible.

2. High Contrast

In general, things with high contrast have more visibility and stand out. Therefore, for your sign to be easily read and understood, it’s a wise idea to include colors that have high contrast. The most common example is a combination of black and white. An experienced sign maker can provide you the color combinations that are high contrast and match well with your overall branding.

3. Remember Your Theme

Most wayfinding signs aren’t just for the exterior of your building. When a potential customer visits your facility, directional signs ensure that they do not get lost and feel irritated. Office lobby signs, door signs, wall graphics, and many more interior signs can help customers navigate your building. You must ensure that all your interior business signs are following the same theme to maintain cohesive decor.

4. Short & Sweet

When a visitor is looking at your signage, it should provide them the information that they are looking for. Similarly, when it is about wayfinding signs, they should get clear, up front information instead of over the top branding. Additionally, it is important to limit the number of directional signs in your space, or people might get overwhelmed with the information. In the end, they should be focused on providing convenience. 

Get the Best Wayfinding Signs in Orange County

There are many more details involved in designing effective wayfinding signs for businesses. Get in touch with VizComm Signs & Graphics in Fountain Valley,  and let us take care of all your signage requirements. We are a one-stop-shop for all types of interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps, and all forms of signage that help businesses to build a better relationship with their customers and achieve business goals. Give us a call today to get a complementary sign consultation.

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