5 Signage Ideas for Optimizing Your Wall Space

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Is your business looking for new ways to create a bright and energizing workplace environment? Your interior office space provides a lot of overlooked yet valuable resources.

Wide, open wall and floor areas are essentially empty canvasses full of exciting possibilities to enhance your space. Adding wall murals and custom floor decals is a great way to transform your Orange County, CA office.

How to Make an Impact with Custom Wall Murals

Giving importance to your interior spaces is a great way to engage both your customers and employees. It shows how you value people’s experiences within your space. This can translate to return customers as well as more productive employees.

How do you optimize your wall and floor spaces to enhance your office environment in Orange County, CA?? Here are five tips to consider:

Highlight Your Company’s Vision and Mission

Make use of your empty spaces by displaying your company’s vision and mission. This can make for an awesome lobby sign display that engages people from the moment they walk in.

It is a good reminder of what your employees should be working towards every day.

Create a Positivity Wall

A more positive work environment is more productive and a healthy place to work in. Typography is a great way to foster this environment. Create wall graphics with a collection of inspiring words that can affect your team’s mood and mindset.

Showcase Your Company’s History

Knowing more about a company’s journey is a great way to keep customers and employees connected to you. Lobby signs that show your company history can help build a better customer perception of your brand.

On the other hand, knowing what your company had to go through to reach success can inspire your team to do more. Make it more exciting with 3d wall murals that tell your employees that they are part of a thriving business.

Display Company Events and Milestones

Wall graphics are perfect for showcasing company events and milestones. Include photos of your employees at work! This is a great opportunity to promote teamwork and unity.

It also shows your staff how you value their contributions to your organization. Highlighting milestones show how they took part in something that led to success.

Don’t Forget About Branding

The backbone of all these design elements should always be your company’s brand. This creates a memorable workplace atmosphere that can be associated with how your business stands out from the rest.

Custom floor decals with your brand logo can be an impressive focal point inside your lobby. You can even create photo-op spaces with 3d wall murals that get your organization talked about.

Helping You Optimize your Interior Space in Orange County

Custom wall murals are a unique and creative way to liven up your business space. Choose VizComm Signs & Graphics to help provide sign solutions that work for your business. Our team is committed to making high-quality, durable signs that leave a lasting impression on your customers and employees.

Let us help turn your design vision into a reality. Contact us today for a free consultation with our custom wall mural experts!

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