ADA Compliant Signs: How They Help People With Disabilities

ADA signs Fountain Valley

Whether you already have signage in your business installed or are looking to add new custom indoor signs to your commercial space, it’s important that you ensure that your new signage is ADA compliant. While ADA compliant signs are produced every day, most problems with non-compliant signs stem from one of two things: lack of knowledge or ignoring the guidelines while attempting to meet a specific design aesthetic.

Businesses are strictly regulated and can face numerous violations if they do not have ADA compliant signs, so it’s important to make sure businesses are compliant the first time (and every time) they install custom indoor signs in their building(s). At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we work with clients to produce the right ADA compliant signs to fit their needs and budget.

ADA compliant signs Fountain Valley

Why Are ADA Signs Important?

All businesses and organizations are subject to the rules outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Besides legal reasoning, it’s important to make sure your business and its products and services are accessible to all of your customers. This includes customers with disabilities.

Custom ADA Signs For Your Business

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we provide custom ADA compliant signs that can be produced specially for your company based on your design ideas and choices and aligning with your brand. Our ADA signs include features such as braille, tactile lettering, high contrast for visibility, and more to help ensure your workspace is inclusive and easy for people of all abilities to navigate.

Here are just a few types of ADA compliant signs we offer to our clients:

  • ADA braille signs
  • Directional ADA signs
  • Parking ADA signs
  • ADA elevator signs
  • ADA exit signs
  • ADA office signs
  • ADA restroom signs
  • ADA room and floor numbers or letters
  • ADA stairwell signs

The Benefits Of Having ADA Compliant Signs

Besides following the law, there are numerous other benefits that your business will receive by having ADA signs. For a business owner, one of the most important benefits of having ADA compliant signs is the potential increase in sales and services while actively increasing your customer base to cater to those with disabilities. These new customers are also likely to become loyal customers because once a person finds a place of business that addresses their needs, they tend to stay with them. By investing in ADA compliant signs, the return on investment is greatly increased.

VizComm Signs & Graphics: Ensuring Your Business Is ADA Compliant For Business Success

If you’re looking to install new signage or feel that your current business signage could use an update in order to become ADA compliant, then look no further! VizComm Signs & Graphics supplies businesses with a variety of commercial signage, including custom indoor signs that are ADA compliant. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and to receive a personalized quote.

About VizComm Signs & Graphics

VizComm Signs & Graphics is a visual communications company. We specialize and produce signage that helps companies elevate their story and their brand to their prospects, customers, and employees. As there are many types of sign options that serve different functions, you are best served to work with a company that has the Marketing knowledge and the sign-making skills to bring your project to life. Our services extend to graphic design support, production, installation, and service.

Our people make a difference.  We have associated with over 25 years of Marketing management and sign design/production experience. We aspire to always be the company that is easy to do business with and a culture that is committed to customer service by providing the best customer experience that extends beyond our frontline employees.

In October 2019, VizComm Signage Group purchased the “Black Parrot Sign” brand. This is a highly regarded sign production company based in Tustin, California and producing all forms of signage for its client’s base. Best known for its vehicle and fleet wrap business, the company has had an outstanding reputation for years. Our team at VizComm Signs & Graphics will continue to keep this legacy alive by continuing to use the same core values and quality assurances with existing and new clientele.

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