How Banners and Flags can Boost Your Outdoor Advertising?

Advertising vinyl banner

Why consider banners and flags for your outdoor advertising efforts? These signs harness movement to get more attention, no matter where you place them. Plus, they offer completely custom design, at a reasonable price. Learn more about how flags and banners can help you reach your advertising goals.


These signs come in a variety of different shapes that can all catch the wind and move around. Waving flags aren’t just pretty, they also help to catch people’s attention. The human brain is drawn to movement before it is drawn to static images, so take advantage of this and use a flag or banner.

Design Freedom

Custom banners offer you complete flexibility when it comes to design. You can add your branding to these signs with ease, or any other text or graphics you want. You have the full range of colors to choose from when you’re vinyl banner printing too. The design freedom can be a bit overwhelming, so work with a designer to narrow down your ideas and get a look you’ll be happy with.

Placement Flexibility

Between flags and banners, you can place a sign anywhere that you want. You don’t need to worry about leaving them outside. In fact, vinyl is meant to be weather-resistant and these signs should last a considerable time left exposed to the elements.

What about specific placement? Banners are best to drape over something, whether it is your storefront, an existing sign, a trade show table, or anything else. Flags can be planted in the ground or set up to stand on concrete or sidewalk. Wherever you want a sign, a banner or a flag can accommodate it.


As they are made from vinyl, both banners and flags are more cost-effective than signs made from expensive materials. They also don’t have ongoing costs, unlike lit signs that require power. As such, you may be able to afford a much larger banner than another sign type, and size matters when it comes to signs.  

Who can Use Banners and Flags?

Most businesses can use banners and flags, but these types are especially well-positioned to benefit from them:

  • Retail businesses
  • Sports organizations
  • Event venues and hotels
  • Contractors
  • Restaurants
  • Developers and real estate agents
  • Those going to trade shows

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