How to Choose the Right Type of Channel Letter Sign for Your Business?

Channel Letter Sign

If you take a look at the channel letter signs around our city, you’ll notice that there are a few different types. While they are in a large range of sizes, colors, and fonts, there are only three main lighting styles. Front-lit, back-lit and specialty are the three types of LED channel letters.

Front-lit signs are those lit from the front, so the light shines out through the letters. Back-lit signs are lit from behind, so that they have a halo-like effect. Specialty signs use a combination of these lights or another unique option. Which one is right for your business? Here is how you can choose the best kind of channel letter sign for your business.

Your Brand Identity

Lighting is like any other component of your sign, including color and shape. Lighting says something about your brand and can help emphasize its characteristics and make your brand stick out. For example, a business that wants to feel subtle may opt for a back-lit sign because it creates a subtle halo of light behind the sign. You may want to work with a skilled designer who knows how to use the different types of custom channel letters to emphasize a brand.

Energy Efficiency

Your new sign will cost some money to keep lit. However, it doesn’t have to be a large part of your operating expenses. LED channel letters are energy efficient, even when they’re very large. If you’ve ever had a neon sign, you’ll be pleased about how little an LED signs cost to run.

The Competition

What kind of sign will your new LED channel letters be directly up against? Sometimes it can be beneficial to change up the look or lighting style of your sign to better stand out. If all of the nearby signs are front-lit, a back-lit sign can help distinguish your brand, especially at night, when differences in lighting are most noticeable.

Choose VizComm Signs & Graphics for Your New Sign

Need help choosing the right type of channel letter sign for your business? The experts at VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you make the best decision. In fact, if we don’t think that your brand is best suited to a channel letter sign, we’ll let you know. Get started with us today.

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