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When wall space is limited, you should consider other alternatives, such as hanging signs from the ceiling. Not only do hanging signs give you a visible place to put important messages and provide you with an underused area to show off your branding, they also show that you care about everyone’s safety and security.

How Custom Ceiling Signage Can Help Your Business

Custom ceiling graphics receive more attention and provides a more versatile platform for your message. See the benefits and features listed below:

  • Customized ceiling signs, tiles or graphics are perfect for schools looking to engage students and sports facilities looking to add to the atmosphere.
  • Trade show ceiling mounted signage can be used to call attention to the location of your display and attract potential customers to your booth.
  • Attract shoppers to departments within your store and hang custom banners to announce sales or alert customers to new inventory.
  • Restaurants and stores can use ceiling mounted signage to alert guests to customer service, restrooms and checkout lanes.

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we look for creative solutions to all your signage needs in Orange County, CA.

Here are just a couple drop ceiling signs we offer to help you with your signage needs:

Wayfinding Ceiling Signs

Hanging wayfinding signage can be crucial to your business success. Wayfinding ceiling signs can serve a variety of crucial purposes for your business, including ensuring your customers are in the right place and how to navigate around your facility space. They allow your customers to navigate your building with ease by providing clear directions and identifying important rooms. If your workplace isn’t equipped with proper ceiling signage, your customers will become frustrated, lost, and feel dissatisfied with their overall experience inside your business.

Examples of wayfinding ceiling signs can include:

interior ceiling sign board
Hanging ceiling signs for business in Orange County, CA

Lobby Ceiling Signs

No matter what industry you’re in, your business needs to have high-quality lobby signs to welcome your customers when they walk through your front door. Create a positive first impression with your customers right away through ensuring you are delivering the right branding message to them with drop ceiling signs.

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we offer businesses premium quality custom ceiling mounted signage made from high-quality materials that will reflect the business image you want to portray.

Ceiling Signs Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, you can screw metal hooks on the ceiling to hang your sign on. For heavier signs, attach chains from the hooks with desired length so that your sign can be held firmly in place.

Metal drop ceiling clips should do the trick for light to heavy signs. Once they are screwed into the ceiling properly, they can handle different kinds of signs.

Ceiling graphics are a cost-effective way of brightening indoor spaces while using a part of the room that is usually neglected to effectively advertise your business. Ceiling graphics can be used to the share your brand image with potential customers when they enter your business space.

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