Office Door Sign Ideas: Benefits and Types of Door Signs

Meeting Room Acrylic Office Door Signs

Does your office need new door signs? Don’t settle for something boring. Your door signs will help define your building, and they should be high-quality. Here are some door sign ideas, including different types that you can choose from.

Types of Door Signs

There are a few types of custom door signs that you might choose. We strongly recommend against a simple paper sign—because it doesn’t last and doesn’t reflect well on your company, there are other kinds at your disposal:

  • Acrylic is a plastic-like material available in a huge range of colors and several finishes. Acrylic door signs are vivid and high-quality.
  • Metal is a durable, beautiful material for office door signs. It is a bit more expensive than other materials but worth the upgrade because it raises the profile of your building and brand. 
  • Vinyl door signs are still vibrant and durable, but this thin material doesn’t stand out much from the door. It’s cost-effective, but it doesn’t look quite as good as other options.
  • There’s no need to limit yourself to one option. We can create signs that combine multiple materials to create unique effects and reduce costs.   

Benefits of Door Signs

What kind of benefits will you see from custom door signs?

  • Brand boost: Add branding to your door sign, and you can keep making impressions on customers.
  • Navigation: It is easier to navigate a building with clear door signs.
  • Liability: You can reduce your liability by clearly labeling emergency doors with signs.
  • Personality: Door signs are an opportunity to add more character and fun to your office.

Other Door Sign Ideas

Are you looking for a door sign idea that is a little unusual? Here are some ideas to bring your door sign to the next level.

  • Lit door signs: Doors signs with their own light look elegant and really raise the perceived quality of your brand.  
  • Employee personalization: Allow employees to add something unique to their own sign, even if it’s just a color or symbol.

Choose VizComm Signs & Graphics

The team at VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you create unique, branded office door signs that reflect the values of your office and help make customers more engaged and comfortable in your space. Contact us today to start discussing your door sign options.  

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