What are Monument Signs & Why Does Your Business Need One?

Easy to understand customized monument signs by VizComm Signs & Graphics

Does your business feel like a community landmark? A custom monument sign can make your property stand out and feel better connected to the community, and therefore your customers. Monument signs have been around for a long time, but modern monument signs are better than ever and might just be the sign that your business needs. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about these signs below.

What are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are architectural signs that are typically a few feet in height and wider than they are tall. They are high-quality signs that look like monuments and offer a huge range of styles and materials. They may be made from typical landscaping materials like stone, or they may be made of metal, vinyl, wood, and mixed materials. Modern monument signs may also be digital, with a large or small lit message. You can also get front-lit or backlit monument signs.

You will usually see monument signs at the edge of a business’s property, near the road, or near their entrance. This placement ensures that the property will be noticed. 

Why Does Your Business Need a Monument Sign?

Custom monument signs offer huge advantages to many different businesses. Here are just some of them.

  • Branding: A quality monument sign will reflect your brand and values to make an impact on potential customers. In fact, a great monument sign can even raise the profile of your brand.
  • Send a message: Monument signs have enough space to send more complex messages, especially when they are digital.
  • Beauty: A well-designed monument sign will make your property look even more lovely. It should work with your landscaping or your building’s exterior materials. Choose a backlit monument sign to make it look great at night too.
  • Navigation: Monument signs help people find your business. On complex properties, they can also help your customer find specific buildings or entrances.
  • Nighttime: A lit monument sign is a great option to help make brand impressions at night or to help customers and guests find your property at night.

Contact Us to Design Your Monument Sign

We have a reputation for designing quality, eye-catching custom monument signs for our clients. Look through our gallery to see some of our work. When you are ready, reach out to the team at VizComm Signs & Graphics, and we can get started on a sign with a monumental impact.

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