Why are Hanging Business Signs Good for Your Business?

Hanging Dentistry Signs

Hanging signs used to be much more popular. These days, most sign options are mounted to the building and not left hanging from it. This change in sign preferences is an opportunity for businesses to stand out from the crowd. A hanging business sign will look unusual and get attention for it. There are many other reasons that a hanging sign is great for your brand. Discover their advantages here.

Outdoor Hanging Business Signs

Hanging signs may be made from durable materials that can be placed outside. Typically, you’ll want your hanging sign to be mounted to the exterior wall of your building, often right near the door. Here are the benefits of this kind of sign:

  • : Unlike signs that are mounted directly to your building, hanging signs can be oriented sideways. This allows them to catch the attention of people walking by your building instead of those facing the building.
  • :  The rustic, old-fashioned look of hanging signs is helpful for many businesses. Those in quaint downtowns, barbershops, libraries, stables, and other businesses may all want to look rustic. 
  • : Businesses that have a rich history or which want to appear stable and trustworthy may choose hanging signs to emphasize these qualities. This might include law firms, dental offices, and accountants.  Older types of signs remind people that your business has a long, successful history.  
  • : Hanging signs are also synonymous with real estate, so they are a great choice for these businesses.
  • : Outdoor hanging signs may swing in the breeze, drawing extra attention in a way that mounted signs can’t.

Indoor Hanging Business Signs

Even less common than outdoor hanging signs are indoor hanging signs. You can place these near washrooms, important rooms, major products, and much more. There are many benefits of using a hanging sign inside of your business property, including:

  • Stand out: Hanging business signs are unusual, so they catch attention.
  • Old-fashioned feel: If you want to draw attention to a product that has an old-fashioned feel, a hanging sign is a great option.
  • Movement: Hanging signs are also great because they allow for the movement of the sign. Movement catches attention quickly. You can make an indoor sign move by attaching it to your door.  

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