Why it is Important to Plan All Your Trade Show Displays and Banners in Advance

Trade Show Displays and Banners in Fountain Valley, CA

Whether you’re attending a trade show in Fountain Valley or the greater Orange County area, trade show banners and displays will transform your company’s booth. From canopy tents to retractable trade show banners and even custom table covers, an eye-catching display won’t go unnoticed. To make the most of your time at the show, it’s essential to plan this display in advance. Doing so will ensure your branding is on point and give you more time to close deals with customers at the show. Below are a few more benefits.

Ensure your exhibit is eye-catching

Depending on the show you attend, the attendance could be large. That’s why it’s essential to plan ahead and make sure your booth will get noticed. Not only should you plan which visuals and banner stands to order, you should also decide where to put them. This will ensure you maximize the space of your booth and place your visuals in an area where they’re visible to passersby.

Quickly communicate your key messages

A short tagline or list of bullets makes a great first impression on a banner. Consider that you may only have 10 seconds or less to catch someone’s eye at the show. Your trade show banners and displays can quickly tell guests who you are and what your brand stands for. Keep in mind that this text should simply headline your banner, not overtake the design.

Connect with more guests

Vibrant colors and attractive graphics will get your booth noticed from afar. This is especially true for retractable trade show banners, which will give you more height to be seen. When your booth is decked out in custom displays, you’ll encourage more people to stop and chat. Be sure to feature your brand’s logo on your visuals along with vibrant colors, bold fonts and images.

Draw people in when you can’t

When you’re busy chatting with customers, you won’t be able to speak to everyone else. Your booth’s visuals and banner stands can do the talking when you simply cannot. If your tagline, visuals and key messages are powerful enough to draw guests in, they’ll wait around to talk to you and learn more. Trade show banners will benefit your business for the long term. Typically, they can be used for more than one event and only take a few minutes to assemble, no assistance required. If you’re in the Los Angeles and Fountain Valley areas, VizComm Signs & Graphics can help you prepare for a trade show with custom displays that will get your brand noticed. Learn more about our trade show display options, then contact us for a complimentary consultation and personalized quote.

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