Custom Wall Murals: For Bright, Colorful & Exciting Interiors

Every day you walk down the same blank hallway. You could search for stock wallpaper with a repeating pattern, you could paint it, or you produce a custom image on commercial wallpaper or wall vinyl that transforms a room, hall, or wall overnight. It’s time to update the office and add some color or turn a wall into a mural wallpaper that shares the history of your business or add messages to inspire your employees. Add some excitement and color to your otherwise un-exciting hallway and proudly display your logo in the front lobby and other corners that need some livening up.

There are so many ways mural options in Orange County, CA, that can be used to advertise or promote products and services inside your office, or, increase visibility outside the office to grab the attention of passing street traffic. Whatever your business needs are, custom wall murals are an effective way to meet your branding and advertising efforts and needs or update a dull space.

Options For Your Custom Wall Mural Needs

  • Wall-sized photographs
  • Photo montage
  • History timelines
  • Wall-sized graphics
  • Custom designs
  • Maps
  • Faux bricks
  • Charts and graphs
  • A combination of any of the above…

Wall Murals: A Modern Solution

To the average person the phrase ‘wall mural’ may conjure up visions of an artist with a palette of colors, slowly transforming a wall space into an impressive scene that demands the attention of every passerby. At least, that’s how wallpaper murals used to be made and were often a much more costly choice as well verses today.

Since then, technology has come a long way and revolutionized pretty much everything, leading to a less expensive option than traditional means. At VizComm Signage Group, we have everything we need to take your wallpaper mural dreams and turn them into reality. The possibilities for visual creativity are endless!

Custom Wall Murals For Business by VizComm

Custom Wallpaper Murals For Your Business

Regardless of your placement, purpose, or intended size, you’re sure to find the ideal location for mural wallpaper. At VizComm Signage Group, we have an expert team who designs and manufacturers and even installs the ideal vinyl signs, graphics, and wall stickers for your place of business. Whether or not you have a design in mind, or need some help filling a blank space, the knowledgeable staff at VizComm Signage Group can assist you in your goal of filling that space with the right information or interior design outlook for your customers and guests.

Considering A Wall Mural For Your Office?

From the first free quote, through to the finished installation, VizComm Signage Group is here to help you! If getting custom wallpaper murals is an exciting yet new discovery for you, we’ll walk you through the introduction of how it’s done and patiently answer your questions until you feel ready to begin. Your experience with us will be a personalized one with satisfaction guaranteed.

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