Magnetic Signs Orange County

What is a Magnetic Sign?

Are you looking for new ways to create an impression on your target customers? Boost your brand and take your business to the next level with custom magnetic signs!

These are unique and impressive marketing tools for your business. Magnetic signs are a convenient, eye-catching tool that gets you noticed in Orange County, CA.

These signs are usually made out of vinyl material with a magnetic backside. They can be applied to almost any smooth surface as they are flexible and lightweight.

Magnetic car signs are the most popular use of these signs. They are highly customizable and are available in different shapes and sizes.

If you are searching for the best magnetic car signs “near me,” VizComm Signs & Graphics can help. We offer premium-grade car magnets in Orange County, CA. Contact us today to learn more about our top-notch sign solutions for your business. 

Types of Magnetic Signs

Custom car magnets are the most common out of these signs. This is ideal when you want to add your company logo and other important details to your vehicles.

The cost of magnetic signs is relatively low. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to vehicle graphics, this is a great choice. They are equally effective in generating impressions on the road but for a lower cost.

Here are some options to choose from:

  1. Business Car Magnets
  2. Magnetic Signs for Trucks
  3. Magnetic Van Signs

Magnetic signs are not only limited to vehicle use. They can also promote your business through:

  1. Magnetic Lawn Signs – usually applied on yard stakes or wall plaques; these are used for advertising on lawns or in gardens in Orange County, CA.
  2. Magnetic Menu Boards – these are a convenient solution for restaurants or cafes that change their menus depending on the season. You can easily switch out items without having to remake your entire sign.
custom magnetic sign on pickup truck

Uses of Magnetic Signs

  1. Boost Brand Awareness : Magnetic car signs are a great way to get your brand out there. Adding your company logo to your vehicles allows you to create valuable impressions. Each time you go out to do business is an opportunity to engage your target customers.
  2. Easy Promotion : Car advertising magnets can help you promote your business. They are the perfect temporary signage for your Orange County, CA business.

Use magnetic car decals to display seasonal promotions. When the season is over, easily remove your sign and replace it with another deal to attract your customers.

High-Quality Magnetic Signs “Near Me”

Looking for an impressive sign option? Choose magnetic vehicle signs in California! Let VizComm Signs & Graphics set you up with eye-catching signage for your business needs.

Our team offers high-quality magnetic signs that can help your business in different ways. From branding to promotional tools, we have options for you. 

Whether you need a single sign or multiple vehicle magnets for your fleet, our team can help. Give us a call today to learn more and get a FREE quote.

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