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How to Get Started

The first step of any signage journey is a free consultation with one of our sign specialists. We will learn more about your business, as well as identify any goals you have or challenges you’re facing. This will allow us to provide tailored sign recommendations that cater to your needs.

Once we better understand what you’re looking for, choosing the right signage solution is next!

Our Service Offerings

The right sign company for your business needs will provide a multitude of service offerings that cater to any of your needs and exceed all your expectations. At VizComm, we have an array of signs that can take your business to the next level.

Custom Lighted Channel Letters for DAINESE in Santa Ana, CA
Custom Outdoor Business Signs for Skin Theory by VizComm Signs and Graphics in Fountain Valley, CA

Make an Impression with Outdoor Sign

Outdoor signs are responsible for identifying your business, attracting potential customers, establishing your place in the Santa Ana community, and building brand recognition. They are your all-star employees, as they are constantly working to build your customer base and pique the curiosity of your target audience. Partner with VizComm to boost your business’s outdoor marketing strategies.

Indoor Signs Create Your Ideal Environment

While outdoor signage is important to drawing customers through your front doors, indoor signage creates the experience that potential customers were promised. With a wide variety of responsibilities, from wayfinding and informational assistance to creating a desirable and welcoming environment, indoor signs are a critical component to any business. Work with the right sign shop at VizComm.

Natural Bridges best monument signage

Hit the Road with Vehicle Wraps

Did you know that vehicle wraps can average 30,000-70,000 impressions each day? With such a visible, captivating sign solution, your business will experience an increase in leads, sales, and overall revenue. Your business will expand its reach across Santa Ana and surrounding regions, targeting new audiences that wouldn’t have been possible with static signage.

Why Be Standard When You Can Be Custom?

Custom signs are the perfect way to customize your signage to fit your exact specifications and needs. While standardized signage is more easily accessible and cost-effective, the Santa Ana landscape is competitive, which makes standing out more important than ever. With custom signs, you can seamlessly incorporate your branding, which is your lifeline to potential customers, as it sets you apart from competitors.

How Do You Know You’ve Chosen the Right Sign Company?

While there are many options for sign makers near you, it can be difficult to find the right fit for your unique signage project.

At VizComm, we make sure your business is in good hands by being communicative, open to suggestions, and ready for any challenge. However, the following are excellent ways to determine the best signage partner for your unique needs:

  • Review a Sign Shop’s Portfolio: Past projects are an excellent way of determining whether a sign shop is the right fit or not. Review their website or ask to see previously completed projects to learn more about what they do well or specialize in.
  • Assess Customer Service: Your customer service experience is crucial to the overall success of a project! Communication, compassion, and understanding are critical components to making you feel like you’re being taken care of. Assess how a sign company’s customer service makes you feel before you commit to them.
  • Ask Questions: Is this your first signage project? Do you want to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of? Asking questions is an excellent way to get a better feel for a company’s values and approach to business. Keep a close eye on how the questions are handled and the types of answers you’re receiving; are they answering the question completely with specifics, or are they being vague and uncommunicative?
  • Identify Available Services: If a sign shop is not full-service, they might not even provide the services that you’re looking for. Certain sign solutions require specialized machinery or design capabilities that some sign companies may have access to, so it is always safer to work with a full-service company. This allows all components of the signage journey to stay in-house, which also contributes to your project being completed on time and on budget.
  • Online Reviews: Why take a business at face value when you can read about other customers’ experiences? Head to the online reviews to see what others have to say about the quality, customer service, and more.

Your Trusted Sign Company in Santa Ana

When looking for a sign company “near me”, VizComm is the right choice. We promise to collaborate with you to bring your signage vision to life. With tailored recommendations and a creative approach, our sign makers near you will craft, produce, and install the perfect sign solutions for your business.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call to book your consultation or to ask our sign specialists any questions you may have.

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